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1.A Look at Command-Line Networking Tools
2.A+ Exams: 20 Potential 'Gotchas' To Watch Out For
3.Clearing Mapped Connection History in Windows Explorer
4.What Does IT Mean?
5.Novell’s "Newest" Linux Desktop Move
6.Time for a New Testing Paradigm
7.Microsoft Software Is Driving Me Nuts!
8.Microsoft vs. Pass4Sure: Kettle, Meet Pot
9.Microsoft Certified Master Expands
10.Fun With 'sed' and 'awk'



CertCities.com’s 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006
Our annual attempt to predict the certifications that will shine brightest next year.
By Becky Nagel
(12/14/05) full story

10 Hottest Certifications for 2005
Our annual attempt to predict the fastest-growing IT credentials in the upcoming year.
By Becky Nagel
(12/8/04) full story

About Those U.S. Government Security Clearances...
U.S. security clearances are one of the most sought after qualifications for security jobs today, but they're also extremely hard to come by. Here's the basic facts about how the process works, as well as scams to watch out for.
By Dian Schaffhauser
(3/10/04) full story

CertCities.com's 2nd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards
Your picks for the top certifications, programs and providers of 2003.
By Becky Nagel
(12/10/03) full story

My Top 5 Cisco Security Tips
From SHH to G.729 to Permit Lists, Eric Quinn shares these tried and true ways to keep your Cisco network secure.
By Eric Quinn
(2/28/02) full story

Becoming the Consummate Certified Security Professional
Security certs won't guarantee employment, but they can help you establish your credentials.
By Roberta Bragg
(11/15/00) full story

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