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...Home ... Editorial ... Exam Reviews ..Exam Reviews Thursday: April 24, 2014

Most Popular
1.Windows 2000 Server Certification: A Hands-On Approach
2.About Those U.S. Government Security Clearances...
3.Keppel Attorney Blasts MS Claim of Losses; Says Client Should Not Face Jail
4.Data Protection 102: IPsec Implementation
5.Cisco Allows CCIE Written for Recertifying CCNA, CCNP, Others
6.Cisco Retires CCIE Design Exam; Issues New Policies for Lab Retakes
7.UPDATED: Cheapskate's Guide to Guilt-Free Practice Questions
8.A Look at Command-Line Networking Tools
9.A+ Exams: 20 Potential 'Gotchas' To Watch Out For
10.Cisco Adds MxU Specialty Cert

Exam Reviews

Get an inside look at the most popular exams from those who've gone before. If you've already taken one of the exams below, open the article and scroll down to add your two cents to the CertCities comments!

Exam Difficulty Rating Key
5 stars - true gurus onlytrue gurus only
4 stars - very difficultvery difficult
3 stars - difficult, but manageabledifficult, but manageable
2 stars - somewhat challegingsomewhat challeging
1 star - cakewalkcakewalk
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    70-623: A Vista Exam for Consumer Support Techs
    What's the difference between a retail and business installation of Vista? If you don't know, you're not ready to take this new-generation MCP exam for Vista.
    By Andy Barkl
    (10/14/07) full story

    Securing Networks with PIX and ASA (SNPA 642-522)
    Cisco's newest version of the PIX exam tests your knowledge of AAA, failover, VPNs, setup, configuration and management of the PIX Firewall.
    By Andy Barkl
    (6/5/06) full story

    Cisco’s IPS Exam (#642-532): Get Your Network Secure
    Cisco’s newest version of this very product-specific exam for aspiring CCSPs requires in-depth exposure to the company's IDS and IPS products.
    By Andy Barkl
    (4/17/06) full story

    Conquering Network+
    CompTIA's Network+ remains the stalwart of entry-level networking certifications, and according to our reviewer rightly so.
    By Emmett Dulaney
    (3/29/06) full story

    Securing Virtual Private Networks (642-511)
    Cisco's newest version of this product-specific exam for aspiring CCSPs requires in-depth exposure to Cisco VPN products, configuration and some troubleshooting.
    By Andy Barkl
    (2/21/06) full story

    Novell's CLE 9 Exam: The Brass Ring?
    Master SUSE 9 and these two sample exercises and you'll be ready to go for Novell's top cert exam.
    By Emmett Dulaney
    (2/7/06) full story

    Securing Cisco Network Devices (642-551)
    Cisco’s newest version of this exam for aspiring CCSPs requires a foundation of security knowledge with some hands-on experience.
    By Andy Barkl
    (1/16/06) full story

    Breaking Ground with Cisco's New CCSP Foundation Exam
    As the replacement to the SECUR exam, it requires much of the same knowledge and hands-on experience but with a new focus.
    By Andy Barkl
    (11/29/05) full story

    Get Your Hands-On Linux: Novell's CLP Exam
    Emmett offers advice and a couple of practice exercises for Novell's hands-on Linux Certified Professional exam.
    By Emmett Dulaney
    (11/16/05) full story

    The NetWare 6.5 Exam: The First Step To Novell Certification
    According to our reviewer, those who work with NetWare 6.5 regularly and prepare well will most likely do well on this straightforward exam.
    By Emmett Dulaney
    (9/28/05) full story

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