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...Home ... Certifications ... Oracle ..Oracle Certifications Sunday: April 20, 2014

Oracle: A CertCities Community for those holding or seeking Oracle Certifications
 Inside the Kernel
 Emmett      DulaneyLinux Certification Snapshot
Emmett rounds up the usual suspects, from CompTIA to Novell, to examine the recent changes in some of the most popular Linux certifications. By Emmett Dulaney. (4/27/09)
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MySQL Offers Free Training and Exams to Oracle DBAs
If you're certified on Oracle but want to add a MySQL title to your resume, now may be the opportune time. (7/11/07)
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Oracle Launches New Specialty 'Expert' Certs, Betas
Last month Oracle announced a new line of specialty certifications as part of its overall certification program, each of which comes with the title Oracle Certified Expert. (5/16/07)
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 Inside the Kernel
 Emmett      DulaneyShould Red Hat Start Selling Oracle Support?
Emmett thinks there's a hole in the support-services market -- and only a third party can properly fill it. By Emmett Dulaney. (4/15/07)
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Oracle Temporarily Waives Hands-On Class Requirements for Business Certs
Oracle Corp. recently announced that it is offering temporary waivers for the hands-on course required for its new line of E-Business 11i certifications. (1/10/07)
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Oracle Offers Discounted 11i E-Business Betas
Oracle is currently offering discounted betas for nine exams that will count toward the company's new suite of 11i E-Business certifications. (10/11/06)
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