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...Home ... Certifications ... Oracle ... Columns ..Oracle Tips Wednesday: April 23, 2014

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3.Cranking It Up Again: 10 Gigabit Ethernet Arrives
4.Cisco Adds MxU Specialty Cert
5.Cisco Allows CCIE Written for Recertifying CCNA, CCNP, Others
6.Cisco Retires CCIE Design Exam; Issues New Policies for Lab Retakes
7.Data Protection 101: Understanding Encryption & IPsec Tunnels
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Oracle Columns

SELECTions by Damir Bersinic
check it out 5/12/2004 -- Maybe, Just Maybe, I Was Wrongů: Damir finds that his dislike of Enterprise Manager may be misplaced with 10g.
check it out 2/18/2004 -- Getting on the Grid: The Fundamentals: Damir shares his take on the top five most significant changes for grid computing in Oracle 10g.
check it out 3/26/2003 -- Just Ask Damir II: The DBA Job Hunt: Our Oracle columnist offers his advice for landing that first DBA (or any IT) job.
check it out 12/4/2002 -- Just Ask Damir!: Damir tackles a reader's question on becoming an Oracle DBA
check it out 10/2/2002 -- LogMiner: From Birth to Puberty: This Oracle utility may be improving, but it still has some growing up to do.
check it out 7/17/2002 -- It Was a Money Grab After All! : Damir comments on the good, the bad and the ugly of Oracle's new training requirement.
check it out 6/5/2002 -- No Need to Get ANSI about SQL 99 Join Syntax : If you're working in Oracle 9i, make sure you take advantage of this improvement.
check it out 4/2/2002 -- Is It Just a Money Grab?: Oracle's restrictive software licensing policies leave Damir questioning whether the company is really interested in seeing its certified community grow.
check it out 2/28/2002 -- The Need for Speed: Damir reviews two Oracle performance tuning books that promise to kick your databases to the next level.
check it out 12/11/2001 -- Where Do You Think You're Going?: Damir shows you how to control database access using time-restricted logon triggers.
check it out 10/15/2001 -- Oracle 8i or 9i DBA: Is 42 the Answer?: Life, the universe, and everything that goes into choosing the right Oracle DBA certification track.
check it out 8/22/2001 -- Evolution of Oracle SQL: The Transform Factor : Using 9i pivoting inserts and external table creation to solve common database upgrade problems.
check it out 6/20/2001 -- 9i and the Evolution of Oracle SQL: In this column, Damir looks at the new MERGE statement and INSERT data options of Oracle 9i.
check it out 5/2/2001 -- More Oracle 8i Features You Can Actually Use: This month, learn how to use 8i event triggers to track user activity and monitor data definition changes.
check it out 3/25/2001 -- Oracle 8i Features You Can Actually Use: There are many labor-saving improvements in Oracle 8i; in this column, Damir highlights new ways to reorganize tables and columns.
check it out 2/14/2001 -- Have Data, Will Travel : Transporting tablespaces in Oracle 8i.
check it out 12/12/2000 -- A Decision More Difficult Than the Presidency : SQL v. Oracle: How do you decide?
check it out 10/1/2000 -- Here Comes the Internet: Oracle 8i sports a list of Web-related functionalities, but as our Oracle columnist wonders, are these features worth the upgrade?


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