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Most Popular
1.The NetWare 6.5 Exam: The First Step To Novell Certification
2.Microsoft Exam #70-215: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows 2000 Server
3.Get Your Hands-On Linux: Novell's CLP Exam
4.Cisco Adds MxU Specialty Cert
5.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA (MeasureUp, set 2)
6.Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting Hardware Problems
7.Cisco Changes Written CCIE Requirements for Service Provider
8.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA Exam (Whizlabs, set 1)
9.Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Exam
10.Cisco Exam #642-871: ARCH Exam (MeasureUp, set 2)


  • Dulaney on Certs
  • Tip o'the Week
  • Kohut's IT Corner
  • On the Plus Side
  • Microsoft: Under the Hood
  • Inside the Kernel
  • Link State Update
  • Certification Advisor
  • SELECTions
  • MOUS Matters

    Kohut's IT Corner by Kevin Kohut
    check it out 8/4/04 -- My 5 Favorite Recent IT Innovations:Kevin shares his picks for the best new/improved technologies over the past year and invites you to do the same.
    check it out 3/10/04 -- Software Rants & Rage :Kevin takes an opportunity to share his pet peeves with the software he uses daily, and invites you to do the same!
    check it out 10/29/03 -- IT Interviewing 101:With signs the IT job market may soon improve, Kevin offers tips for nailing that next interview -- and offers up a few job openings of his own.
    check it out 9/17/03 -- All About Bob:Technology solutions alone won't guarantee your network's security. Kevin shares how one rogue user created spam havoc on his network.
    check it out 7/9/03 -- The Neutral Zone:When it comes to single-source vs. best-of-breed debates, the most professional choice may be not to take sides.
    check it out 4/30/03 -- Singing the Upgrade Blues :When exactly is an IT professional supposed to take the latest and greatest seriously?
    check it out 2/26/03 -- One Small Step for Certification…:Getting rid of braindump sites may be good for the industry, but in Kevin's opinion, much more needs to happen before most IT certifications can actually mean something again.
    check it out 12/11/02 -- My E-Mail To Santa, Redux:Kevin's wish list for next year includes simpler licensing agreements, more hardware standardization, and a world where stock options once again mean something.
    check it out 11/13/02 -- Open Letter to IT Job Seekers:What IT hiring managers do -- and don't -- want from you.
    check it out 9/18/02 -- Yeah, But We're Supposed To Do it THAT Way...:When it comes to fighting idiotic business processes, a little communication (and some actual concern) can go a long way.
    check it out 7/31/02 -- The 411 on Giving TCO to a CEO:Kevin gives a crash course on calculating total cost of ownership.
    check it out 6/5/02 -- Essential Tech Skills for Every IT Pro:Don't be "that" guy in your office! Here's how dabbling in other areas of IT can help ensure long-term career success (or at least make your coworkers like you more).
    check it out 4/10/02 -- The Joy of Tech Support :As most IT pros know, when calling a vendor's technical support line, you may just encounter the inanely stupid.
    check it out 2/28/02 -- An Open Letter to The Customer:Kevin writes some of what he's always wanted to say to end users.
    check it out 1/15/02 -- 2002 IT Survivor Guide:Kevin picks the skills he thinks will be the most valuable to networking pros in the upcoming year.
    check it out 10/22/01 -- Data Center Makeover:Is your company's server room ready for anything? Or does it take half an hour to find the right cable, not to mention a flashlight? Follow this plan to avoid the data center blues.
    check it out 9/12/01 -- So You Want To Be in IT...:Kevin offers advice for newcomers seeking an information technology career.
    check it out 7/31/01 -- An Open Letter to IT Headhunters:Kevin looks back at his headhunter experience.
    check it out 6/12/01 -- Three Attributes of True IT Professionals:If you really want to become indispensable in the IT industry, sometimes professional skills are more important than the technical.
    check it out 4/23/01 -- How Not To Make Money Selling Technology :Suggestions for technical sales reps from an IT professional who's had one too many bad encounters.
    check it out 3/23/01 -- Kohut's IT Awards: The Best and Worst in IT:From switches to hardware vendors, Kevin jumps into the awards game with his own cheers and jeers, and invites you to do the same.
    check it out 2/5/01 -- Entering the Neutral Zone:When IT and engineering meet, conflicts as unreasonable and unbearable as a Captain Kirk monologue often arise. You can calm the storm, however, if you take some simple steps in advance.
    check it out 12/20/00 -- My E-Mail To Santa:This year, Kevin forgoes the toys and asks the big guy for a variety of improvements that will make all our day-to-day technical lives easier (or at least less annoying).
    check it out 10/30/00 -- 3 Key Ingredients for a Successful IT Project :Kevin Kohut shares his hard-learned recommendations for pulling off a project on-time, on-budget and with the support of all involved.
    check it out 10/1/00 -- Business First:How focusing on business before technology can reap great rewards for IT professionals.
    Microsoft: Under the Hood by Don Jones
    check it out 11/17/04 -- Away, Foul Wires!:Don looks at the current wireless standards and what we might see in the future.
    check it out 10/13/04 -- GPO Policies and Preferences:Be wary of a quirk in Microsoft's default template settings that may lead you to think your preferences aren't there.
    check it out 8/4/04 -- Imaginary Servers:Don Jones on using products like Microsoft Virtual Server and GSX Server to take your network beyond the physical.
    check it out 5/26/04 -- Finding Idle Users:A domain security script for pre-Windows Server 2003 domains.
    check it out 3/17/04 -- Safer Scripting for Everyone:Don shows you how scripting with Windows Script Host and VBScript can be made safe and controllable.
    check it out 1/28/04 -- Finally, Event Log Management!:Don takes an early look at Microsoft's Audit Collection System and how it might even get you to pay attention to your security event logs.
    check it out 12/9/03 -- Protecting Exchange Servers:Don shares how to use ISA as a reverse proxy server and other tips.
    check it out 10/15/03 -- Why You Should Care About IIS 6:IIS 6 may seem similar to 5 on the surface, but it's what's underneath that makes this upgrade so important.
    check it out 8/27/03 -- Revising Data Security:Don explores how data access security has changed, and what operating systems like Windows need to do to keep up.
    check it out 7/16/03 -- Get Your Bits… As Slow as You Like:Inside one of the most underappreciated features of Windows Server 2003.
    check it out 6/11/03 -- Remote Exchange 2003:Do your users want true, full, secure remote access to Exchange? While current solutions may lack, Don says there's definite promise with Exchange Server 2003.
    check it out 4/30/03 -- Stupid DNS Tricks:You learn something new every day -- such as why one company's DNS queries quit working when Yahoo! added a new server to their site. This one stumped me: See if you can figure it out!
    Inside the Kernel by Emmett Dulaney
    check it out 11/2/10 -- Working with RSS Feeds :RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a format for syndicating -- gathering and making available -- the content of Web sites, primarily news-oriented sites and blogs.
    check it out 9/22/10 -- Linux Graphics and Imaging Apps:You can use graphics and imaging applications with Linux to work with images and graphics (line drawings and shapes). This month, we will take a look at two.
    check it out 8/24/10 -- Linux GUI File Manager:Both GNOME and KDE desktops come with GUI file managers that enable you to easily browse the file system and perform tasks such as copying or moving files.
    check it out 7/14/10 -- Going Wireless, Part Two :In part one, we looked at the encryption technology used with wireless networking. In this part, we'll look at the actual configuration on the Linux machine.
    check it out 6/29/10 -- Going Wireless, Part One:In the first part of this series on going wireless, we'll look at the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) standard to lay some groundwork before tacking the implementation in part two.
    check it out 5/7/10 -- Working with Debian Packages :As discussed last month, most software packages for Linux are distributed in one of two special file formats: Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) files or Debian (DEB) files. While the previous month focused on working with RPM files, this one spotlights the format and tools used with DEB files.
    check it out 3/11/10 -- A System Monitoring Tool Primer:Here are a handful of helpful utilities for viewing and analyzing performance information for your Linux system.
    check it out 2/17/10 -- A Bash Primer:There's so much power and possibility within the Linux shell that to steer clear of it is to overlook a mighty gem.
    check it out 1/11/10 -- Establishing a Security Framework:An effective security policy should strike a balance between users' needs and the need to protect the system.
    check it out 12/15/09 -- Changing the Root Password :The unthinkable has happened: You can't obtain root access on one of your Linux servers! Keep calm, because this problem can be solved fairly easily by following a few steps.
    check it out 11/19/09 -- A Linux Security Primer :Need to make sense of all that security jargon? Here's a cheat sheet.
    check it out 10/27/09 -- Encrypting with GNU Privacy Guard:While the best way to learn how to use GPG is to actually use it, Emmett shows you a how to perform a few typical tasks.
    check it out 9/28/09 -- Linux and the Licensing Two-Step:When it comes to writing Linux applications, there are two licenses you need to be aware of: the GPL and the LGPL.
    check it out 8/31/09 -- Secrets the Shadow Knows :The /etc/shadow file, which stores users' authentification information, is a holy grail for hackers and a massive security liability for administrators.
    check it out 7/29/09 -- Get Your System 'Proc'-nosis:The /proc filesystem can give you valuable insight into your Linux system. The trick, as Emmett shows, is knowing exactly what you're looking at.
    check it out 6/30/09 -- Linux House-Cleaning:Here are some Linux-related tidbits from the "In Case You Missed It" department, including Ubuntu's continued awesomeness and Linux's netbook and desktop woes.
    check it out 5/19/09 -- Before You Take Out the Trash :Don't toss out your old Linux machine without first clearing it out. Here are the steps to follow to make sure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
    check it out 4/27/09 -- Linux Certification Snapshot:Emmett rounds up the usual suspects, from CompTIA to Novell, to examine the recent changes in some of the most popular Linux certifications.
    check it out 3/17/09 -- NFS Examined:Emmett walks you through exporting then mounting a file system using the latest version of the Network File System.
    check it out 2/18/09 -- Exploring Ubuntu 9.04 :"Jaunty Jackalope" has plenty of things going for it, but foremost is the added support for the ext4 filesystem.
    check it out 1/15/09 -- Using Obscure Command Line Utilities :Emmett solves a child's homework assignment the best way he knows how -- by using a couple of Unix/Linux utilities that rarely see the light of day.
    check it out 10/15/08 -- Linux for the Holidays :If all you wanted for Christmas was a new Linux release, then you're in luck -- three major distributions are scheduled for updates near the end of the year. Here's a rundown of what to expect from each one.
    check it out 9/15/08 -- Working with LiveUSB:Once a live CD loyalist, Emmett is now a bootable USB believer. Here are the steps to try it out for yourself.
    check it out 6/6/08 -- Pondering Ubuntu 8.04:Did the few minor tweaks included in the latest version of Ubuntu actually warrant a new release? Emmett's not so sure.
    check it out 3/26/08 -- Sendmail Simplified :Take better advantage of of your Linux system's mail server capabilities by brushing up on sendmail.
    check it out 2/20/08 -- 5 Steps to a Quick Security Check:Emmett walks you through the process of performing a security audit, using Fedora as an example.
    check it out 1/11/08 -- My Favorite Linux Tool:Emmett gets a belated Christmas gift in the form of news-feed reader Akregator.
    check it out 12/15/07 -- Networking Software Tools and Sites:Got a Linux networking dilemma? Here are some go-to resources -- both online and off -- that can help you locate and diagnose the problem.
    check it out 11/15/07 -- Trends in New Releases :It's a busy time of the year for Linux distributions. Emmett gives you a preview of what changes to expect.
    check it out 10/15/07 -- Fun With 'sed' and 'awk':Last week, Emmett walked you through stream editing using "sed." This time, "awk" gets a little more face time in a scripting exercise using ISBN numbers.
    check it out 9/15/07 -- Setting the Stage with Stream Editing:Emmett walks you through an exercise using the "sed" tool.
    check it out 8/15/07 -- Linux Miscellany:A grab-bag of pet peeves, praise and more.
    check it out 7/15/07 -- De Facto Linux Winners:And then, there was Red Hat. Emmett looks at what has contributed to Red Hat's rise as the de facto Linux server standard.
    check it out 6/18/07 -- Moodle: Open Source Done Right:Once in a while, you may stumble across a tool that makes you say "Aha!" Here's one.
    check it out 4/15/07 -- Should Red Hat Start Selling Oracle Support?:Emmett thinks there's a hole in the support-services market -- and only a third party can properly fill it.
    check it out 3/14/07 -- Working with Ulimit :Use this command to help control individual users -- or an entire network.
    check it out 1/17/07 -- The Mind of Innovation :If Linux really wants to grow, it needs to move beyond imitation.
    check it out 12/13/06 -- Mainstreaming Linux? :Emmett wonders what the Novell-Microsoft deal really gets for Novell, and what might be left for the company if this fails.
    check it out 10/15/06 -- 'Try Before You Buy' Sets Linux Apart...But Is That a Good Thing?:What was once a necessary marketing move to encourage the growth of Linux may now be the thing that holds it back.
    check it out 9/6/06 -- Filling Up the 2006 Bookshelf :Looking for a few good IT books covering Linux, Unix, security and more? Emmett shares the ones he picked up in 2006.
    check it out 7/17/06 -- What the Linux World REALLY Needs... :Emmett looks at the excuses for Linux's lack of widespread adoption, shares his take and invites you to post your own.
    check it out 5/10/06 -- Novell’s "Newest" Linux Desktop Move:The company's lack of a coherent Linux strategy is hurting its products -- and the community.
    check it out 3/8/06 -- Ubuntu: Getting Back to Linux Basics   :Despite some difficulties with the root account, Emmett finds the simplicity and true openness of this Linux distro very appealing.
    check it out 1/4/06 -- A Look at SUSE Linux 10:Novell's latest rev packs a bevy of new features like VoIP and enhanced security for the Linux desktop.
    check it out 11/30/05 -- Linux Remote Administration Simplified:Remote Linux administration is easier than ever before! Emmett walks you through the set-up process using SuSE as an example.
    check it out 10/12/05 -- Living on *Nix Time:Simplify admininstration of your Linux or Unix system by scheduling automated tasks.
    check it out 6/29/05 -- Working with YaST:Configure a range of system admin settings with this handy tool for Novell Linux.
    check it out 3/16/05 -- Is the World Ready for OES?:Novell's latest software is a novel combination of OS and NOS.
    check it out 1/19/05 -- Does SuSE Stand a Chance?:After much consideration, Emmett gives Novell's acquisition of SuSE Linux his thumbs up. Here's why.
    check it out 11/10/04 -- 'Nix Password Administration 101:Your guide to understanding everything from basic files and user accounts to more advanced tasks to changing a lost root password.
    Link State Update by Eric Quinn
    check it out 5/20/03 -- Using Multilink Frame Relay :Exactly what can multilink frame relay do for you? Read on.
    check it out 3/18/03 -- Electricity 101:You might be a routing table guru, but do you know the basics of electricity and how it can affect your network?
    check it out 2/5/03 -- So, You Wanna Teach...:Don't just strive to be a technical instructor -- strive to be a good one.
    check it out 1/15/03 -- Link Free or Die:Caught in the censorship Web? Here are a few tricks to bypass restricted Internet access.
    check it out 11/13/02 -- Paranoia Is Good:Use Cisco's VPN Concentrator with ZoneAlarm to protect your users -- and yourself.
    check it out 4/30/02 -- Content Networking :If you're still wondering what content networking is and what it means for Cisco professionals, read on.
    check it out 10/31/01 -- The NBAR Defense:Using Network Based Application Recognition to block (and log) the worm invasion.
    check it out 10/11/01 -- Career Advice for Cisco Professionals:Are you an unemployed CCNA, CCNP, etc.? You're not alone. Eric Quinn shares these tips for getting yourself that next Cisco networking job.
    check it out 9/18/01 -- More than Secure...:Creating a network security plan that also works for your users.
    check it out 8/2/01 -- Bad Packets!:Tips on using IDS software and hardware to sniff out unwanted traffic on your network.
    check it out 6/11/01 -- Voice Matters: Improving VoIP Traffic Performance:Why voice data isn't the same as normal TCP or UDP traffic, and what to do about it.
    check it out 4/9/01 -- IPv6: The New IOS:What you'll need to understand about IPv6 support to make it work in your internetwork.
    check it out 2/27/01 -- IP Precedence:This month we begin learning how to define what type of service your packets get.
    check it out 1/22/01 -- LAN Heavyweights: The Catalyst 6500 Series :These high-end LAN switches set the bar for capability and compatibility.
    check it out 12/13/00 -- A Cheapskate Takes on BCRAN Practice :Studying for this section of the CCIE is cheaper than you might think.
    check it out 10/1/00 -- Router, in a Card, on a Card, in a Slot, on a Switch:Want to forward 15 million packets per second? Then the MSFC routing "daughter card" is for you.
    SELECTions by Damir Bersinic
    check it out 5/12/04 -- Maybe, Just Maybe, I Was Wrong…:Damir finds that his dislike of Enterprise Manager may be misplaced with 10g.
    check it out 2/18/04 -- Getting on the Grid: The Fundamentals:Damir shares his take on the top five most significant changes for grid computing in Oracle 10g.
    check it out 3/26/03 -- Just Ask Damir II: The DBA Job Hunt:Our Oracle columnist offers his advice for landing that first DBA (or any IT) job.
    check it out 12/4/02 -- Just Ask Damir!:Damir tackles a reader's question on becoming an Oracle DBA
    check it out 10/2/02 -- LogMiner: From Birth to Puberty:This Oracle utility may be improving, but it still has some growing up to do.
    check it out 7/17/02 -- It Was a Money Grab After All! :Damir comments on the good, the bad and the ugly of Oracle's new training requirement.
    check it out 6/5/02 -- No Need to Get ANSI about SQL 99 Join Syntax :If you're working in Oracle 9i, make sure you take advantage of this improvement.
    check it out 4/2/02 -- Is It Just a Money Grab?:Oracle's restrictive software licensing policies leave Damir questioning whether the company is really interested in seeing its certified community grow.
    check it out 2/28/02 -- The Need for Speed:Damir reviews two Oracle performance tuning books that promise to kick your databases to the next level.
    check it out 12/11/01 -- Where Do You Think You're Going?:Damir shows you how to control database access using time-restricted logon triggers.
    check it out 10/15/01 -- Oracle 8i or 9i DBA: Is 42 the Answer?:Life, the universe, and everything that goes into choosing the right Oracle DBA certification track.
    check it out 8/22/01 -- Evolution of Oracle SQL: The Transform Factor :Using 9i pivoting inserts and external table creation to solve common database upgrade problems.
    check it out 6/20/01 -- 9i and the Evolution of Oracle SQL:In this column, Damir looks at the new MERGE statement and INSERT data options of Oracle 9i.
    check it out 5/2/01 -- More Oracle 8i Features You Can Actually Use:This month, learn how to use 8i event triggers to track user activity and monitor data definition changes.
    check it out 3/25/01 -- Oracle 8i Features You Can Actually Use:There are many labor-saving improvements in Oracle 8i; in this column, Damir highlights new ways to reorganize tables and columns.
    check it out 2/14/01 -- Have Data, Will Travel :Transporting tablespaces in Oracle 8i.
    check it out 12/12/00 -- A Decision More Difficult Than the Presidency :SQL v. Oracle: How do you decide?
    check it out 10/1/00 -- Here Comes the Internet:Oracle 8i sports a list of Web-related functionalities, but as our Oracle columnist wonders, are these features worth the upgrade?
    On the Plus Side by Jeff Durham
    check it out 6/16/04 -- Running the Numbers:Jeff takes a closer look at the results of CompTIA-sponsored survey and wonders if it really all adds up.
    check it out 3/10/04 -- Why Have We Grown So Far Apart? :In his first column for 2004, Jeff ponders his changing relationship with CompTIA certification over the past year.
    check it out 10/1/03 -- Mark Your Calendars!:Nov. 26 is the day the new A+ exams will be released, raising a whole new set of questions for our columnist.
    check it out 8/15/03 -- No More Adaptive A+: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:Jeff explains why he thinks CompTIA's recent switch back to linear format may actually make things worse for candidates.
    check it out 7/30/03 -- Time for a New Testing Paradigm:Should traditional methods for proctoring CompTIA exams go the way of the steam engine?
    check it out 6/11/03 -- In Plus We Trust:Jeff's close encounter with a CompTIA certification that doesn't exist and a candidate who didn't let that stop him.
    check it out 3/19/03 -- The Underappreciated i-Net+ Exam :Why this CompTIA title deserves way more respect, even if it is overpriced.
    check it out 1/8/03 -- Make the A+ Exams Open Book…:Jeff offers this and other suggestions for improving CompTIA's flagship hardware certification.
    check it out 10/9/02 -- Security+: A Quick Overview:CompTIA answers the demand for security certs with -- what else? -- a low-level, vendor-neutral title. Here's an overview of this soon-to-debut cert, plus 10 practice questions to get you started.
    check it out 7/24/02 -- Home Technology Integrator+ :Is this new CompTIA certification really for you?
    check it out 5/6/02 -- MCSA and the CompTIA Certs:In addition to their status in the IT community as entry-level certifications, CompTIA's A+, Network+ and Server+ certifications can now be a big step toward becoming an MCSA.
    check it out 3/6/02 -- What to Expect on the New Network+ :Here's your by-the-objectives guide to the new version of this exam.
    check it out 1/7/02 -- CompTIA's e-Biz+:Changing skills for changing times.
    check it out 11/7/01 -- A Look at Linux+:What you need to know about this new, entry-level Linux certification from CompTIA.
    check it out 8/28/01 -- The A+ OS Technologies Exam: Under the Hood:Since the A+ Operating System Technologies exam was updated earlier this year, those of you who don't know Windows 2000 will have some studying to do.
    check it out 7/10/01 -- A+ Core Hardware Exam: Under the Hood :Think you know hardware like the back of your hand? Think you know what to expect on the CompTIA A+ hardware test? Think again.
    check it out 5/9/01 -- Undercover Webmasters Unite!:Been thrown into the Web server administrator job over the years but have nothing to show for it? CompTIA's i-Net+ may be just what you need to prove you're more than a network admin.
    check it out 11/19/00 -- Behind the Scenes with Server+ :How 25 techies and LOTS of coffee built the 600 questions behind CompTIA’s newest certification.
    Notes from Underground by James Ervin
    check it out 1/20/04 -- Secure Shell Tips and Tricks :James shows you how you can take OpenSSH beyond the standard telnet-style uses to perform common administration tasks and more.
    check it out 12/9/03 -- *Nix: The Year In Review:James shares his take on the events in the Linux and Unix world over the past year, plus some speculation on future.
    check it out 9/24/03 -- Introductory Database Access with PHP:This tutorial walks you through using PHP with the various vendor extensions of SQL, including Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
    check it out 7/16/03 -- DNS Caching for Fun and Profit :James walks you through configuring a caching-only BIND nameserver.
    check it out 4/2/03 -- Endmail Part I: The War on Spam :James offers this overview of the methods for fighting Spam before diving into tools for Linux administrators.
    check it out 2/26/03 -- An Introduction to the BSDs:BSD operating systems have a part in the open source community. This overview offers a history, comparison of major offerings, and what role BSDs can play despite the proliferation of Linux.
    check it out 1/15/03 -- Closing Up Open Source:Decades-old copyright and patent law and current, pending court battles could push open source development to its knees.
    check it out 11/6/02 -- Storage Consolidation and Virtualization, Part 3: Inside the Server :In this final installment of a three-part series, James explains SATA vs. PATA, how Infiniband and PCI-X will impact the future of storage, and why, sometimes, confusion is good.
    check it out 9/4/02 -- Storage Consolidation and Virtualization, Part 2: Storage Horizons :This article, the second on a series on storage, looks at the new Internet protocols -- FCIP, iFCP, and iSCSI.
    check it out 7/10/02 -- Storage Consolidation and Virtualization: Part 1:First in a series of columns where James looks at storage issues for Linux/Unix admins.
    check it out 6/12/02 -- Monitoring Network Integrity with Nmap:Is your network vulnerable? Can't afford NIDS? Level the playing field with this open-source tool.
    check it out 4/17/02 -- Understanding Apache 2.0:Apache's first major update in five years says no to bloatware, yes to flexibility and increased scalability.
    check it out 3/6/02 -- Log Analysis 101:The what, where, why and how of setting up logs on your Unix system.
    check it out 1/23/02 -- Fast, Cheap and Partially Effective: Do-It-Yourself Open-Source Tools for System Management:Got more machines to manage but less money to spend on a wholesale management solution? Our Unix guru James Ervin offers this guide to creating your own.
    check it out 1/1/02 -- Unto the Breach: Unix for NT Admins, Part IV:In the final installment of this series, James explains shells and the user environment.
    check it out 11/6/01 -- Unix for NT Admins, Part III: Users and Groups :Using Unix's /etc/passwd and /etc/group files to set up groups and permissions.
    check it out 9/18/01 -- Unix for NT Admins, Part II: The Unix Filesystem and Security Model :Last time, James looked at the philosophies behind the two OSes. Here, he gets into the nitty-gritty with Unix directories, file types and permissions.
    check it out 8/14/01 -- Unto the Breach: Unix for NT Admins, Part I :In this, the first in a series of columns, James looks at the philosophy behind the two OSes, how to access UNIX documentation and NT practices that can be deadly for a UNIX system.
    check it out 7/10/01 -- The Elements of Performance:Tuning your Linux/Unix system with style.
    check it out 5/29/01 -- Computer Security: a Digital Grail Quest :Why are operating systems growing less secure, and why aren't vendors doing more to help?
    check it out 4/23/01 -- The Public Sphere and Peer-to-Peer :When you hear the term P2P, do you think Napster? Freenet? Annoying buzzword? Maybe a common definition would help -- if only everyone could agree on one.
    check it out 3/9/01 -- Understanding, Evaluating and Integrating Directory Services:DNS, LDAP, X.500, directory-enabled applications, DEN, data stores, DSML and more...
    check it out 1/22/01 -- Religious Conversion:How to make Windows a bit more friendly for Unix admins.
    check it out 11/29/00 -- OpenAFS :Network file systems, righteous indignation and you.
    check it out 10/1/00 -- Unclean!:The dawning of a new age in Linux journaling filesystems.
    Certification Advisor by Greg Neilson
    check it out 11/30/05 -- Microsoft Certification Changes Mostly Good :New names, less exams, more focus, but will the variety of options hurt rather than help?
    check it out 8/1/05 -- Architecture Certifications Point Toward Future:With new offerings from both The Open Group and Microsoft, IT certification takes a decidedly professional direction.
    check it out 5/11/05 -- Microsoft’s New Simulation Questions: Report from the Field :Greg takes on Microsoft's new simulation questions, shares his experience and invites you to do the same.
    check it out 3/2/05 -- A Tale of Two Certs:Greg looks closer at two upcoming additions to the cert market: simulation questions in Microsoft exams and new scripting certs.
    check it out 12/14/04 -- Closing Time:Now that 2004 is almost over, Greg looks ahead to 2005 and beyond: What technologies should you be preparing for?
    check it out 11/3/04 -- From the Other Side of the Interview Desk:Fresh from hiring new staffers, Greg reflects on the dos and don’ts in interview situations and offers these tips for making your next interview a success.
    check it out 8/13/04 -- Microsoft Software Is Driving Me Nuts!:With havoc caused by a recent Microsoft patch and facing a score of upcoming updates, Greg wonders if Microsoft's dream is his real-life nightmare.
    check it out 6/16/04 -- What Does Classroom Education Prepare Us For?:Greg admires improvements in Microsoft's Server 2003 training courses, but is left pondering the real purpose of such training.
    check it out 4/6/04 -- Security+: What a Disappointment! :Greg takes CompTIA's Security+ exam and comes away wishing he'd spent the fee on expanding his CD collection.
    check it out 1/5/04 -- 2004: A Look Ahead:Greg shares his thoughts on the promises and challenges IT professionals will face this year.
    check it out 12/17/03 -- MCDST: Good, but Not Great :Our Certification Advisor likes a lot about Microsoft's new desktop title, but wishes it had a bit more to offer.
    check it out 11/4/03 -- What Does IT Mean?:Greg shares his take on the now-infamous Harvard Business Review article "IT Doesn't Matter."
    check it out 9/23/03 -- Exit Strategy :When the need for a particular technology cools down, when exactly should you leave it behind?
    check it out 7/9/03 -- Style over Substance?:In the wake of Microsoft's announcement of its new security certifications, Greg discusses what changes really would have impressed him.
    check it out 5/14/03 -- Do You Really Need That Next Exam?:Consider carefully before adding an laundry list of certification acronyms behind your name.
    check it out 4/7/03 -- This Is Really Starting To Hurt:Go ahead and get angry at the way the IT job market is today -- but don't let that stand in the way of your future.
    check it out 3/3/03 -- The Real Value of Knowledge:When it comes to upgrading certifications, Greg says "Bring it on!"
    check it out 2/4/03 -- The End of the Beginning:Yes, the IT employment outlook continues to be bleak, but you can ride out this wave -- if you understand exactly what you're up against.
    check it out 1/8/03 -- New Year, New Plans:Greg ushers in 2003 with his goals for the new year, plus his thoughts on Microsoft's decision to re-split the Win2K/.NET tracks and another take on the great certification debate.
    check it out 11/13/02 -- Yes, Microsoft Should Add a Lab Exam...:Greg shares his take on this and other current issues in IT certification.
    check it out 10/9/02 -- Just What Are You Waiting For?:Greg shares with you the advice he gave to his IT staff: Own your career now, or face losing it later.
    check it out 9/18/02 -- Your Parents Were Right:Why certification should mean more to you than just passing an exam.
    check it out 7/31/02 -- From the Mail Bag:If you're wondering whether too many people are Microsoft certified or if all those certs will really do you any good, read on!
    check it out 7/10/02 -- Build It and They Will Come? :When it comes to hot technologies, maybe you shouldn't just follow your interests after all.
    check it out 6/12/02 -- Great Expectations:What's certification really worth these days?
    check it out 4/30/02 -- The Good Ole Days:In the late '90s, IT professionals enjoyed high demand and even higher salaries. For those of you longing for a return to this golden age, Greg Neilson predicts severe disappointment.
    check it out 4/3/02 -- The Big Picture :When it comes to really making it in IT, you'll need skills that there are no certifications for.
    check it out 3/12/02 -- MCSD, MCAD and You:Greg offers his two cents on the new developer certifications from Microsoft.
    check it out 2/4/02 -- Gimme a Break!:On the cusp of his summer break (he's down under, y'know), Greg reflects on last year's MCP program changes and -- more importantly -- on why IT pros need a life.
    check it out 1/1/02 -- Long-Term IT Career Planning:Greg defines his dream job and lays out a plan to get there.
    check it out 12/10/01 -- My Development Plan for 2002:Greg shares the IT skills he plans to grow over the next year and encourages you do to the same.
    check it out 10/31/01 -- CompTIA: A Wasted Opportunity?:CompTIA's Linux+ and Server+ exams leave Greg questioning CompTIA's role in the vendor-neutral certification movement.
    check it out 10/2/01 -- Linux+ vs. LPI Level 1:Greg compares these two entry-level Linux certifications.
    check it out 9/12/01 -- Certification Ethics 101:Two exam preparation shortcuts that true IT professionals should avoid at all costs.
    check it out 7/31/01 -- 90+ and Counting:Greg's taken more than 90 certification exams since 1994. What's he learned from this experience? He offers his top test-taking tips below.
    check it out 7/11/01 -- Novell Steps Forward :Why Microsoft should keep a close watch on Novell's recent certification program changes. Plus, Greg has a change of heart about an important compensation issue.
    check it out 5/30/01 -- Hey Microsoft, Slow Down!:It’s becoming very clear to me just how far ahead of the customer base Microsoft is pushing MCSEs to certify/recertify on the Windows 2000 platform.
    check it out 5/3/01 -- Would You Like Some TechNet With That?:Revisiting MCP benefits and some other thoughts on our profession.
    check it out 3/26/01 -- If I Ran Microsoft's MCP Program . . . :What would you change? Greg shares his ideas (including a hands-on component for the MCSE and a new post-MCSE title) as well as thoughts on the Accelerated exam and MCSE elective strategies.
    check it out 3/8/01 -- Caveat Emptor!:If you've shelled out big bucks to get certified only to find your IT hopes dashed, you're not alone.
    check it out 2/2/01 -- Keep Moving on Those New Year's Resolutions! :Greg offers tips for turning your certification goals into actions and confronts his fear of the big, bad Accelerated exam.
    check it out 1/3/01 -- Where to Now for the CNE? :Greg contemplates the future of this Novell cert.
    check it out 11/15/00 -- The Mystery of Developer Certifications:Why haven't certs like the MCSD caught on?
    check it out 10/1/00 -- After MCSE: What Next?:Greg answers that age-old question, "Now what do I do?"
    MOUS Matters by Gini Courter and Annette Marquis
    check it out 7/24/02 -- Changing Your Point of View:Using options, filters and even a little SQL for a truly customized Outlook experience.
    check it out 2/4/02 -- Merging into the Fast Lane:Gini and Annette walk you through the mail merge skills you'll need to pass the Word 2000 and 97 expert exams.
    check it out 11/14/01 -- Workgroup Features for Word Expert Exams:Gini and Annette walk you through what you need to know -- and what you can practice on your own -- to pass the collaboration section of these exams.
    check it out 10/10/01 -- Getting a Firm Grip on Pivot Tables:Annette and Gini walk you though this powerful yet seldom-used Excel feature -- one you WILL encounter on the MOUS Excel Expert exam.
    check it out 7/24/01 -- To XP or Not To XP?:That's the question, at least when it comes to upgrading. Office experts Gini and Annette take a look at what the new suite does (and doesn't) have to offer.
    Dulaney on Certs by Emmett Dulaney
    check it out 1/29/13 -- Security+, Now with Performance-Based Questions:Plus, Microsoft opens the Technology Associate to non-academics, and LPI revises LPIC-2 and LPIC-3.
    check it out 12/19/12 -- CompTIA Continuing-Ed Deadline Nears:Plus, CDIA+ beta testers still needed and Microsoft launches the new MTA site.
    check it out 11/28/12 -- Year-End Study Guide Roundup:Emmett's picks for the top study books for the Security+, CASP and CISSP exams.
    check it out 11/2/12 -- Microsoft To Retire Plethora of Exams in July:Plus, CompTIA CDIA+ beta launches, and "Tech Book of the Week."
    check it out 10/16/12 -- Focus on Green IT Certification:Plus, Microsoft plans to retire nine certifications in January.
    check it out 9/27/12 -- Seven New Oracle Exams Go Live in September:Plus, CompTIA puts C+ out to pasture, and more.
    check it out 9/5/12 -- Hats Off to Red Hat:Plus, Microsoft resurrects Second Shot, and Technology Book of the Week.
    check it out 8/8/12 -- Microsoft Rolls Out New Exams:Plus, Oracle adjusts beta end dates for some exams, and Certiport offers Adobe Creative Suite 6 certification.
    check it out 7/25/12 -- A+ Exams: 20 Potential 'Gotchas' To Watch Out For :Even if you're already familiar with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, there are a couple of differences between the three OSes that could trip you up when you take the A+ exam. Here are some key points to consider.
    check it out 7/12/12 -- A Look at Command Line OS Tools, Part 1:The command line utilities you need to know for the CompTIA A+ exam's OS domain.
    check it out 6/26/12 -- CompTIA Exams Going VUE-Only in July:Plus, Microsoft cloud exams go live, Cisco CCIE exams get a refresh, and more.
    check it out 6/13/12 -- Microsoft, MCSD and the Cloud:Plus, LPI exams go VUE-only, Oracle exams have their beta periods extended, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 5/29/12 -- Operational Procedures and the A+ Objectives:From regulatory compliance to how to ensure proper ventilation, here's what you need to know to be prepared for the A+ exam.
    check it out 5/22/12 -- June 11 Is a Red-Letter Day for Microsoft:Plus, Pearson acquires Certiport, and Oracle changes beta end dates.
    check it out 4/26/12 -- LPIC-1, LPIC-2 Exams Get a Refresh:Plus, deadline approaches for 20 Oracle beta exams.
    check it out 4/10/12 -- CompTIA and Prometric Part Ways:Plus, photo IDs become a growing part of exam security procedures, CompTIA+ looks for survey candidates, and more.
    check it out 3/21/12 -- Want a CompTIA Cert? Brush Up on Wireless Security:Plus, LPI launches "Linux Essentials" program, Oracle exam betas get new dates.
    check it out 3/6/12 -- A Baker's Dozen of Oracle Exam Betas:Plus, Microsoft SQL Server and System Center exams in development, Regedit's importance on the rise, and CompTIA Storage+ goes live.
    check it out 2/22/12 -- A Look at Command-Line Networking Tools:Here are the network-related command-line tools you'll need to know for A+ certification from CompTIA.
    check it out 2/8/12 -- A Look at Network Connectors:An in-depth look at the cabling connectors you are required to know for A+ certification.
    check it out 1/11/12 -- Security Title Roundup:A great many new titles on system and network security have hit the book shelves recently, with three standing out among the masses.
    check it out 12/7/11 -- An Interview with Certiport's Ray Kelly:
    check it out 11/20/11 -- Microsoft Wins Judgement Against Brain Dumps:Plus, OneNote certification launches, Oracle Fusion exam to hit beta soon, and more.
    check it out 11/9/11 -- CompTIA Cloud Essentials Debuts :Plus, Microsoft exams slated for retirement.
    check it out 10/15/11 -- Microsoft Announces MCA SharePoint Cert:Plus, Solaris 11 to beta in January, and Certification Book of the Week.
    check it out 9/13/11 -- New Storage+ Cert Exam Hits Beta:Plus, four Oracle exam betas end in October, and certification Book of the Week.
    check it out 8/25/11 -- CCIE Labs Cut 4 Questions:Plus, certification and IT book reviews.
    check it out 8/11/11 -- A Visual Guide to Physical Network Topology:Emmett details the various physical network topologies you need to know for the upcoming fifth edition of the CompTIA Network+ exam.
    check it out 8/1/11 -- Mark Your Calendars: CCDE Practical Exam Coming October:Plus, Oracle exams exit beta, a Microsoft exam enters beta, Prometric adds a rescheduling fee and Certification Book Review.
    check it out 7/15/11 -- A Visual Guide to Wireless Security Standards:More exams are increasing their focus on wireless security, and with good reason: Very few real-world IT environments can stay afloat without a robust wireless security system.
    check it out 6/15/11 -- New Security+ Now Live:Plus, Microsoft exams new and old, and Certification Exam Tip #8.
    check it out 6/1/11 -- A Visual Guide to Risk Management :"Risk management" is more complicated than the name suggests. Here's a rundown of each of the five types of risk management strategies that you'll need to know for the CompTIA Security+ exam.
    check it out 5/18/11 -- Oracle Beta Exam Dates Extended :Plus, Green IT Cert articles go live, Cisco Virtual Classroom Instruction Specialist arrives, Certification Exam Tip No. 7.
    check it out 5/13/11 -- A Visual Guide to Phishing Variants :Phishing attacks come in a variety of disguises. Emmett breaks down the four different types and how to educate your users of the dangers of each.
    check it out 5/2/11 -- Microsoft Raises Exam Prices:Plus, CompTIA's CASP exam hits beta, closing date nears for 10 Oracle exam betas, and Certification Exam Tip #6.
    check it out 4/6/11 -- A Visual Guide to Social Engineering :There are many ways for hackers and thieves to put your IT operations in jeopardy -- and not all of them come from the Internet. Here are five examples.
    check it out 3/30/11 -- Google Apps Cert Goes Live:Plus, help needed for CompTIA workshops, and Exam Tip #5.
    check it out 3/23/11 -- Last Day To Test Nears for Many Cisco Exams :Plus, Oracle makes class attendance mandatory, and Exam Tip #4.
    check it out 3/9/11 -- Nine Oracle Exams Now in Beta:Plus, my tip for doing well on a test by researching the source of the questions, and Microsoft and Prometric extend their testing deal.
    check it out 2/18/11 -- Cisco Adds New Certification Exams:Plus: My second tip for aceing that cert, IT book of the week.
    check it out 1/29/11 -- Microsoft Launches Career Factor Reality Show:Plus: End of beta for eight exams, exam tip of the month, certification book recommendation.
    check it out 1/13/11 -- CompTIA Working on Healthcare IT Certification:Plus: Sun Flash Storage exam in beta, books of the week.
    check it out 12/13/10 -- End of Year Book Recommendations :Whatever cert you're aiming for, take some time to check these manuals out.
    check it out 12/1/10 -- Microsoft Announces New SQL Certification:Plus: Red Hat RHCSA cert., Novell reflection, 4 CompTIA certs retiring.
    check it out 11/10/10 -- CompTIA Working On Storage Certification:Plus: Oracle exams ending beta, discount on Project+ cert., books of the week.
    check it out 10/27/10 -- LPIC Exam 305 Coming:Plus: HP ExpertONE certification, Silverlight and Azure Exams hit beta, more.
    check it out 10/13/10 -- A+ Updates Now Known:Plus: Microsoft's virtual career conference, two new Ubuntu guides.
    check it out 9/20/10 -- CompTIA Creating Advanced Security Certification:Plus: MS MCDST Cert. being phased out, four Oracle exams exiting beta, book of the week.
    check it out 8/31/10 -- CompTIA To Add Windows 7 to A+:
    check it out 8/11/10 -- Virtualization Exam Now Available From LPI:
    check it out 7/27/10 -- 10 Oracle Exams Scheduled To End Beta:
    check it out 7/12/10 -- LPI Delivers a Quarter of a Million Exams:Plus: Comptia Exams tack on the "CE" designation; MS Releases Microsoft Technology Associate certification; more.
    check it out 6/23/10 -- Bing Developers Certifications Now Available :Plus: book of the week assists with Cisco exam; SSCP Video Mentor demonstrates "hands-on" practicality.
    check it out 6/8/10 -- Last Day Approaching For Five CCNP Exams:MCAS Certification changes names; book of the week will help guide for the CompTIA Project+ exam; Palaestra Training's DVD for PMP certification.
    check it out 5/25/10 -- ZENworks Administrator 10 Certification Now Live:PDI+ being encouraged by printing manufacturers; book of the week.
    check it out 5/12/10 -- Five Oracle Exams Enter Beta:
    check it out 4/27/10 -- (ISC)2 Exams Moving To Testing Centers :
    check it out 4/14/10 -- Red Hat Looking for RHCE of the Year:
    check it out 3/24/10 -- Microsoft Creates New Certification:Red Hat Gains Criteria Cert, Visual Studios Beta Test Available, more.
    check it out 3/10/10 -- Microsoft Announces Elevate America's Veterans Initiative:Sun Certification Now Given Through Oracle, New Peoplesoft Ledger Certification, more.
    check it out 2/23/10 -- Microsoft Beta Exams Coming Soon:Plus, Prometric says cheating stats are overblown, CompTIA seeks help with Network+, and more.
    check it out 2/9/10 -- CompTIA: 'Life' Changed...Then Didn't:CompTIA waffles on its exams' shelf life. Plus, LPI wants input for a new exam, and Product of the Week tackles CISSP.
    check it out 1/26/10 -- Microsoft 'Second Shot' Gets Another Shot:Plus, CompTIA ups the ante for Creating Futures, and Product of the Week tackles CISSP.
    check it out 1/12/10 -- BCS Offers Green IT Certification:Plus, Microsoft launches new student sites, Strata exams go global, and Book of the Week gets to the root of rootkits.
    check it out 12/15/09 -- Measuring Certification 'Hotness':When it comes to gauging how popular a certification is, Amazon has the key. Plus, Book of the Week tackles A+.
    check it out 12/2/09 -- Microsoft Beta Blowout:WinMo 6.5 and Exchange 2010 exams hit the beta trail. Plus, Solaris 9 exams are running out of time, and Book of the Week tackles social networking.
    check it out 10/28/09 -- Windows 7 Certification: A Roadmap:Plus, 2006 A+ exams are still available, and Book of the Week covers the 24 deadly sins of security.
    check it out 10/14/09 -- Project Management Cert: Mr. Popular:The PMP certification probably won't be moving out of the spotlight any time soon. Plus, readers share their thoughts on increasing certification value, and Book of the Week is all about the A+.
    check it out 9/30/09 -- Two Steps to Increasing Cert Value:Emmett thinks it's time to leave the books open and award certifications based on percentile. Plus, two Windows 7 exams go beta, SPSS goes to VUE, and Book of the Week tackles trust.
    check it out 9/16/09 -- Microsoft Certified Master Expands:Plus, CompTIA greens it up with Strata, LPI to give away exam discounts at LinuxFest, Oracle dumps prometric, and more.
    check it out 8/18/09 -- Cash for Clunker...PCs?:IT can use a little help replacing outdated equipment. Plus, CompTIA rolls out new A+ exams, Strata cert debuts, Sun makes an open source certification play, and more.
    check it out 7/15/09 -- Ageism in IT?:IT gets a bad rap when it comes to age-discrimination, but is it deserved? Emmett tries to find out. Plus, Citrix picks VUE, Cisco weighs in on security, and more.
    check it out 7/1/09 -- Java Cert Hits the Ground Running:Plus, Oracle joins the beta bandwagon with its own cert, WebSphere exams get updated, and Book of the Week uses some marketing ingenuity.
    check it out 6/17/09 -- Lessons from Exams Gone By:There's some method to the madness of the CNE, Emmett's old foe, after all. Plus, the top 10 reasons to get certified as told by Red Hat, Cisco certs get accredited, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 6/3/09 -- The Greening of MCP:Microsoft switches to digital certs for the MCP. Plus, A+ finalizes objectives, and Book of the Week refreshes the PC repair space.
    check it out 5/20/09 -- Windows 2008 Cert: Almost 100,000 Served:Plus, Red Hat exams get shorter, LPI offers cheaper Ubuntu certs, and Book of the Week helps you navigate Vista.
    check it out 5/6/09 -- Microsoft Windows 7 Exam Begins Beta:Plus, Oracle's database exam goes on the beta circuit, Book of the Week explores the dark side of RFID chips, and more.
    check it out 4/15/09 -- CompTIA Adds to Your E-Reading List:Plus, Microsoft rolls out new MCPD exams, Adobe turns to VUE, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 4/1/09 -- The Old 'Human Error' Trick, Eh?:CompTIA finds that big breaches happen because of simple user errors. Plus, Microsoft certifications are booming, Novell certs are incrementing, and Book of the Week tries to spice up PowerPoint.
    check it out 3/18/09 -- Microsoft's Certification Stimulus:Redmond's Elevate America program makes getting certified easier. Plus, LPI releases security exam, Palaestra gives training a good name, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 2/18/09 -- Microsoft Gives a 'Career Assist' :Redmond doubles up on Second Shot. Plus, ISEB debuts an new certification for software testing, and Books of the Week take on entrepreneurship and Cisco's ARCH exam.
    check it out 2/4/09 -- Certification Still Important...Even in Tough Times:Now's the time to really set yourself apart from your peers. Plus, Emmett gives a rundown of CompTIA's next A+ revision, and Books of the Week tackle CCNA Voice and search engine optimization.
    check it out 1/21/09 -- New NetBeans Certification :New year, new president...new certifications! Emmett previews a few of the latest exams to go live or beta in recent weeks. Plus, Books of the Week tackle VMware and Google.
    check it out 1/7/09 -- Goodbye, BrainShare:Plus, Cisco adds a CCIE Wireless exam, and Book of the Week pushes presentations beyond PowerPoint.
    check it out 12/17/08 -- LPI 202 Updates:Emmett goes over the key changes to the 202 exam. Plus, Microsoft is out of registration extensions, Fortinet makes its certs available through VUE, and more.
    check it out 12/3/08 -- LPI 200-Level Exam Updates Planned for April:Emmett runs down a few key changes for the 201 exam. Plus, Book of the Week tackles the CCNA Voice exam.
    check it out 11/19/08 -- First Look at 2009 A+ Changes:Emmett goes through a laundry list of changes in the new A+ Essentials and IT Technician exams. Plus, Book of the Week.
    check it out 11/12/08 -- Parallels in Inefficiency:Emmett finds out just how similar voting is to certification testing. Plus, Apple's Xsan admin test goes live, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 11/5/08 -- LPI Security Exam Ready for Beta Testing:Plus, Sun offers free beta of Java developer exam, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 10/29/08 -- IEEE Certifications Meet ISO Standard:Plus, Microsoft extends 10-113 registration, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 10/22/08 -- 'Second Shot' Sweetens the Pot:Plus, Citrix joins the exam retake bandwagon with its "Take 2" promotion, and CompTIA's new Security+ exam goes live.
    check it out 10/15/08 -- CompTIA Needs Help with A+ Job Task Analysis:Plus, Microsoft virtualization exams are on the way.
    check it out 10/8/08 -- Microsoft Pulls a McGruff:Redmond makes reporting cheaters a little easier. Plus, brush up on test-taking skills, Network+ update is on the way, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 9/24/08 -- Upcoming Microsoft Beta Exams:Emmett gives a quick rundown of upcoming Microsoft exams. Plus, CompTIA is looking for a few good SMEs, and Book of the Week.
    check it out 9/17/08 -- Certification Synergy:Emmett recalls a stand-off between certification vendors and exam review publishers.
    check it out 9/10/08 -- Microsoft vs. Pass4Sure: Kettle, Meet Pot:Emmett ponders whether Microsoft was right to call out Pass4Sure for publishing exam questions. Plus, Cisco's acceleration program brings back fond memories, Linux+ update rolls on, and more.
    check it out 8/20/08 -- LPIC Changes, Part Two:Emmett runs through some more key changes, this time to LPIC 102. Plus, Book of the Week.
    check it out 8/13/08 -- LPIC Changes, Part One:Emmett runs through some of the key changes to the top-level LPIC 101 topics. Plus, CompTIA raises its prices, and Second Shot keeps going.
    check it out 7/30/08 -- Certification Testing Meets 'CSI':Emmett gets the details on Vue's introduction of "forensic testing" to its exam security regimen. Plus, Book of the Week tackles intellectual property.
    check it out 7/16/08 -- Business Idea No. 965: Rent-a-Proctor:In Emmett's world, the proctors come to you! Plus, Book of the Week is all about Linux.
    check it out 7/9/08 -- Bash Your Way Through Exam Study:Plus, braindumping cases seem to have fallen by the wayside, CompTIA adds a virtual training cert, and more.
    check it out 6/25/08 -- The Online Degree Conundrum:Emmett's scratching his head at a few things. Plus, Microsoft releases more details on the Master track, and Book of the Week tackles IPv6.
    check it out 6/18/08 -- Certifications, Unite! :Emmett issues a call for uniformity -- at least for certifications. Plus, the birth of the modern certification study book, and more.
    check it out 6/4/08 -- Almost Ready: OCA Linux Certification:Plus, Book of the Week takes on UNIX.
    check it out 5/28/08 -- Certs Can Use a Little 'Green':Plus, CompTIA takes certification to school, Security+ gets a facelift, and Book of the Week tackles ESX Server.
    check it out 5/14/08 -- Linux Certs and the Cutting Edge:Some certifications seem stuck in the Dark Ages. Plus, Book of the Week toes the command line.
    check it out 5/7/08 -- CompTIA Certs Get ANSI Nod :Plus, Book of the Week goes big.
    check it out 4/30/08 -- Numbers Don't Lie, But...:Emmett digs deep into the certification numbers. Plus, what ethics policies may mean for cert holders, Book of the Week and more.
    check it out 4/16/08 -- Demand and Supply, and Supply, and Supply...:With one in 1,800 people holding a certification, Emmett thinks it's no wonder that the value of certs have gone down. Plus, certification news and Book of the Week.
    check it out 3/26/08 -- CCVP Gets a Facelift:Emmett gives a rundown of the changes. Plus, CIW releases a new database design exam, and Book of the Week tackles the CCNA.
    check it out 3/19/08 -- Working at the Gap:A look at skill gaps in the workforce. Plus, LPI plans to revise LPIC exams, and Book of the Week charts our odyssey from ARPANET to today.
    check it out 3/12/08 -- CompTIA Exams Roll with the Updates:Emmett on why rolling exam updates are a good idea. Plus, three Windows Server 2008 exams go live, and Book of the Week guides end users through SharePoint.
    check it out 3/5/08 -- Why Not Tie Exams to Employment?:Emmett thinks some hiring choices are best made at testing centers. Plus, Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager exam is now live, and Book of the Week digs deep into the ICND1.
    check it out 2/27/08 -- Microsoft Training = Success?:Microsoft Learning GM had a few interesting things to say about Windows Server 2008 training. Plus, Red Hat adds datacenter specialist cert, and Book of the Week makes short work of Linux distros.
    check it out 2/20/08 -- Yes, Virginia, There Is a Cisco Networking Academy:Cisco hits a 10-year milestone with its Networking Academy. Plus, LPIC-2 now fills an HP cert requirement, the PDI+ discount is going fast, and Book of the Week searches for some technological perspective.
    check it out 2/6/08 -- Microsoft Keeps 'Second Shot' Going:Plus, Microsoft keeps you in the know for Windows Server 2008 exams, and Book of the Week brings the street smarts to exam studying.
    check it out 1/30/08 -- Oracle Linux Exam Beta Extended:Plus, Red Hat discontinues the JBoss certification, and Book of the Week gives a "visual blueprint" for Vista.
    check it out 1/23/08 -- The Value of a Shirt:Sun's T-shirt giveaway comes with strings attached. Plus, Cisco announces the CCDE, and the "Linux Toolbox" series lands in Book of the Week.
    check it out 1/16/08 -- What's In a Name?:When it comes to certification titles, variety can be a hindrance. Plus, new Mac OS X certifications are coming soon.
    check it out 1/9/08 -- Microsoft's 2008 Certification Shuffle:Emmett puzzles over Microsoft's new Windows Server 2008 exams. Plus, "prediction lists" from years past, Oracle's Linux cert goes to beta, and more.
    check it out 12/12/07 -- Cisco's Exam Security Upgrades: E for Effort:Cisco recently ramped up its security measures in an effort to fight proxy testing -- but is the company focusing on the wrong problem? Plus, PDI+ prepares for early 2008 debut.
    check it out 12/5/07 -- Say Hello to the IT Certification Council:Certification leaders join to form a new organization -- but Cisco is conspicuously absent. Plus, this week's Book of the Week is a Bill Gates classic.
    check it out 11/28/07 -- The Time Is Right for a New Certification:Emmett discusses the market's need for a Google certification. Plus, CompTIA updates its Security+ exam, and Book of the Week charts the rise of "The Search."
    check it out 11/14/07 -- Incrementing Exam Scores:Plus, this week's tech pioneer is blazing new trails in search, and Book of the Week is perfect for "cramming."
    check it out 11/7/07 -- Are Testing Centers Where They Need To Be?:Plus, Cisco retires three exams and extends CCNA localization, Emmett introduces you to a certification pioneer, and Book of the Week shows you just how flat the world is.
    check it out 10/17/07 -- I'll Pass on the Mulligan:Emmett's got a few misgivings about Microsoft's "Second Shot" program. Plus, Novell debuts a new engineer certification, and "Book of the Week" shows you how to build your career.
    check it out 10/10/07 -- Goodbye HTI+, Hello DHTI+:Plus, what Tim Ritchey did for Java, and "Book of the Week" takes on network security.
    check it out 10/3/07 -- Cisco Celebrates Networking Academy Anniversary:Plus, certification pioneer Sallie Findlay, and tackling "trust."
    check it out 9/26/07 -- Is There a Proctor in the House?:Plus, Exchange Server 2007 exam expands its language options, and Emmett shares his pick for Book of the Week.
    check it out 9/19/07 -- Why Not Allow Open-Book Exams?:Plus, the search is on for CompTIA advisory committee members.
    check it out 9/12/07 -- ICCKE Certified Knowledge Expert Exams Available:Plus, how to show your skills are still valid, and book of the week.
    check it out 9/5/07 -- Is Linux Now the Server Market Leader?:Plus, LPI tops 155,000 exams and book of the week.
    check it out 8/22/07 -- Upgrade Your Certification to 2008:Plus, VA covers LPI exams, Emmett debates whether all test scores are equal, and more.
    check it out 8/8/07 -- CCDP Being Revised:Plus, can you really certify someone for life? And, Emmett's book of the week.
    check it out 8/1/07 -- PDI+ Now in Beta:Plus, what's the value of certification? And Emmett shares his Book of the Week.
    check it out 7/25/07 -- Say Goodbye to i-Net+:Plus, Cisco and Microsoft pick opposite sides, Emmett wonders where the Vista certification demand is, and more.
    check it out 7/11/07 -- Get Ready for PDI+:Plus, the changing face of IT certification, and Emmett's book of the week.
    Tip o'the Week
    check it out 3/10/10 -- FrontPage Server Extensions on 64-bit Windows Server 2008:How do I install FrontPage Server extensions on my 64-bit Windows Server 2008?
    check it out 2/16/10 -- Synching Outlook 2007 Contacts with SharePoint:Is it possible to share the contact lists in Outlook 2007 and SharePoint so they are synchronized?
    check it out 1/26/10 -- Saving SharePoint Files to the Server:Users are not able to save files to the server, but are directed to save files locally.
    check it out 1/14/10 -- Moving, Deleting a File That's Always in Use :I need to move a file that is always in use. Is there a way to either move or delete a file that is in use?
    check it out 12/15/09 -- Word 2007: Speed Up the Startup:My Word 2007 takes a very long time to load on XP. How can I speed up the time it takes to start the program?
    check it out 12/2/09 -- Windows Installer Catch-22 :I tried to install a program but the Windows installer failed in the middle of the install. Now I can't reinstall the program because it's partially installed.
    check it out 11/12/09 -- IIS 6 vs. IIS 7 IUSR Accounts:What happened to the IUSR_MachineName and IIS_WPG group in Internet Information Services (IIS) 7?
    check it out 10/27/09 -- Weeding Out a Content Database in MOSS:How can I delete a content database in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007?
    check it out 10/14/09 -- Crawling Through MOSS 2007 :How can I manually perform a crawl in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007?
    check it out 9/29/09 -- Managing Attachment Previewing in Outlook 2007 :How can I manage attachment previewing in Microsoft Outlook 2007?
    check it out 9/14/09 -- Exporting Data from AD Users and Computers :Can I export data from an organizational unit in Active Directory Users and Computers to an Excel spreadsheet?
    check it out 8/5/09 -- Removing Hidden Data in Office 2007 Docs :How can I remove the personal information displayed in the Properties of Microsoft Office 2007 documents?
    check it out 7/15/09 -- Modifying Port Number for a MOSS Site :How can I change the port number of a Web application hosted on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007?
    check it out 7/1/09 -- Restoring a Lost Virtual PC Console :I'm able to start the program but my Virtual PC console isn't quite visible on the screen, although the taskbar on the host system shows the application running.
    check it out 6/17/09 -- GPMC Support for 64-Bit Versions of Windows :What does Microsoft plan to offer for Windows Server 2008 to manage group policies?
    check it out 6/3/09 -- Sending SMS Messages Via Outlook 2003/2007 :Is it possible to send text messages from Outlook 2007 to a cell phone?
    check it out 5/19/09 -- Using Host Headers and Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint:How do I configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to use one URL for users to access our intranet from the external networks and a different URL to access the same site internally?
    check it out 5/6/09 -- Recovering Backups Made with Ntbackup to Server 2008 :How can I restore an Ntbackup.exe-made backup to a Windows Server 2008 computer when Ntbackup.exe is no longer supported in Windows Server 2008?
    check it out 4/27/09 -- Changing the Browser Title for a Top-Level SharePoint Site :How do I change the title that's displayed in the browser for a top-level SharePoint site so it doesn't say "Home"?
    check it out 4/15/09 -- Distribution List Recipients Not Receiving Messages :Individual users in one distribution list can't receive messages from outside vendors who e-mail that list. How can I fix this?
    check it out 4/1/09 -- Mouse, Keyboard Issues in Hyper-V :Cursors turning to dots, weird keyboard behavior...what's going on?
    check it out 3/18/09 -- SSL Site Error Says 'Page Cannot Be Displayed' :Why are the users getting a "Page cannot be displayed" error when they try to access one of the Web sites using HTTPS?
    check it out 3/4/09 -- Enabling Compression for Individual Sites in IIS 6.0 :How can I enable static compression on only one specific site?
    check it out 2/18/09 -- Event Viewer Filled with Unexpected Network Errors :The Application Log on the server has numerous errors with Event ID 1054. How do I get rid of this error?
    check it out 2/4/09 -- Getting Rid of Pre-SP1 Files on Vista:I installed Windows Vista SP1 and noticed that there are hundreds of megabytes of old files that are sitting on my computer. How can I get rid of them?
    check it out 1/21/09 -- Strange Behavior in Exchange Server 2003 :I have noticed a strange behavior in the System Manager: It often shows that several people are logged in to other users' mailbox.
    check it out 1/7/09 -- Missing IIS Manager in IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 :I'm using IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008. I've installed the Web Server role but can't connect to the Web site in my browser from another computer.
    check it out 12/17/08 -- No Network Connectivity Outside Home Network :If I take my laptop outside my home to another network, my connection shows "limited connection." How can I restore network connectivity?
    check it out 12/3/08 -- Preventing Internet Users to Access Your Private Web Site :I want to make sure that my Web site isn't accessible from the Internet. How can I block access for external users?
    check it out 11/19/08 -- Getting an IP Address from DHCP Server on ISA Server's External Interface:I would like my ISA Server to get an IP address from a DHCP server on the external interface but the external NIC is not getting an IP address from the DHCP server.
    check it out 11/12/08 -- Explanation of Shell Command in Windows Vista :What is a shell command in Windows Vista?
    check it out 11/5/08 -- Displaying Multiple Time Zones in Windows Vista :How can I display multiple time zones on a Windows Vista computer?
    check it out 10/29/08 -- Windows Server 2008 and Vista's New Switch for Console Connections:What's the purpose of the /admin switch when using Microsoft Terminal Services Client in Windows Vista?
    check it out 10/22/08 -- Slow Internet Access Behind ISA Server Firewall:How can I speed up Internet access for my internal clients behind the firewall?
    check it out 10/15/08 -- Centrally Managing Power Settings on Windows XP/2000 Computers :Where can I find the power management options for Windows XP Professional clients in Group Policy? I've looked all over but can't seem to find them.
    check it out 10/8/08 -- Deleting All Calendar Events in Outlook 2007:How can I delete all my Calendar events in Outlook 2007?
    check it out 9/24/08 -- Restoring Hibernation on Windows Vista Computers:I ran the Disk Cleanup Tool and now Windows Vista won't hibernate. How do I restore hibernation?
    check it out 9/17/08 -- POP3 Users Getting User Names Rejected:Why do we get an error when some of our users log in to the Exchange Server 2007 using POP3? The error states that the user name was rejected.
    check it out 9/10/08 -- Setting File Permissions on a Folder Using Group Policy:How can I set file permissions for a user on a folder using Group Policy in Windows Server 2003/2008?
    check it out 8/20/08 -- Unexpected Log-In Prompts in Outlook Anywhere :Why are our Outlook Anywhere users getting log-in prompts when they've been configured to use NTLM authentication?
    check it out 8/13/08 -- Credential Caching on a Read-Only DC :How much of a threat is password caching if an RODC is stolen?
    check it out 7/30/08 -- Unable To Open .MDI Files :Why can't I read a document with an .MDI extension on my Vista computer running Office 2007?
    check it out 7/16/08 -- Migrating Shared Folders to Windows Server 2003:How can we migrate shared folders from our Windows Server 2000 to Windows Server 2003?
    check it out 7/9/08 -- Lost Recycle Bin in Vista :I can't figure out how to bring back the Recycle Bin on my Vista desktop.
    check it out 6/25/08 -- Event ID 1054 Error from Source Userenv:Why am I getting the following error on my Windows Server 2003?
    check it out 6/18/08 -- Determining the Amount of Data Stored in the Registry:How can I determine the amount of data stored in the registry?
    check it out 6/4/08 -- Windows Vista's Firewall with Advanced Security :Configuring outbound and inbound rules in Vista.
    check it out 5/28/08 -- Why Wasn't the Memory Dump File Saved?:Why is my Windows Server 2003 computer not saving the memory dump file after a crash even though the feature is enabled?
    check it out 5/14/08 -- Deleting Old User Profiles in Windows 2000/XP/2003:Is there a script to get rid of old profiles?
    check it out 5/7/08 -- Exporting Printer Settings in Windows Vista :How do I export printers and settings from one Windows Vista computer to another?
    check it out 4/30/08 -- Inside Outlook 2007's Postmarking Feature:What is the purpose of postmarking in Outlook 2007 and how does it work?
    check it out 4/16/08 -- Configuring a Central Event Collector Computer:How can I collect events from various Windows Vista computers to a central event collector computer?
    check it out 3/26/08 -- Error Uploading Large Files in SharePoint 2007 :Why are we having problems uploading large files in SharePoint?
    check it out 3/19/08 -- Making Cisco VPN Client on XP Work Behind a Router :I have a Windows XP laptop located on an internal network behind a Windows Server 2003 running Routing and Remote Access service that needs to connect to a Cisco VPN.
    check it out 3/12/08 -- Outlook 2003: Changing Default Location for Saved Files:How can I change the default location of the folder where Outlook 2003 saves attachments and e-mail messages?
    check it out 3/5/08 -- Previewing Vista Documents: Look But Don't Touch:Is there a way in Windows Vista to quickly preview the contents of documents and pictures without opening them first in the application?
    check it out 2/20/08 -- Disabling Folder Sharing in Virtual PC 2007:How do I disable folder sharing and clipboard integration between my Virtual PC 2007 guest and the host PC?
    check it out 2/6/08 -- The Mystery of the 'Delegation of Control' Wizard:I delegated control to an individual in our IT department using the Delegation of Control Wizard, but somehow the permissions got revoked. Why would the rights get revoked automatically?
    check it out 1/30/08 -- Running Windows Update in Mozilla Firefox :How can I run Windows Update if I'm using Firefox as my browser?
    check it out 1/23/08 -- Safe Browsing with Non-Administrative Privileges :I am running Windows XP SP2 with Internet Explorer 7 on my desktop. How can I safely browse the Internet with non-administrative privileges?
    check it out 1/16/08 -- Starting IE in Vista Without ActiveX:How can I start Internet Explorer without ActiveX controls or browser extensions in Windows Vista?
    check it out 1/9/08 -- Changing Default Group Policy Refresh Interval for Windows XP Clients:How can I change the default Group Policy refresh interval for our Windows XP clients from 90 minutes to 120 minutes, and the random offset value from to 45 minutes?
    check it out 12/12/07 -- What To Do With Your Outlook 2003 Personal Address Book:How can I add my Personal Address Book (PAB) from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 Contacts?
    check it out 12/5/07 -- RSS and Calendar Errors in Outlook 2007:My e-mail profiles are working fine but I'm getting errors for my RSS feeds and published calendars. Restarting the computer didn't help. How can I get rid of this error?
    check it out 11/28/07 -- Disabling Microsoft Passport Reminders on XP:How can I keep Microsoft Passport reminders from appearing on my Windows XP desktop?
    check it out 11/14/07 -- Keep Your Local Clipboard to Yourself:How can I prevent Web sites from accessing the local clipboard on my computer?
    check it out 11/7/07 -- Making Your Mouse Work in Windows Command Prompt:How can I make my mouse work at the command prompt in Windows 2000/XP/2003?
    check it out 10/17/07 -- Getting Rid of Shortcut Arrows in Vista:How can I get rid of the arrow on the shortcuts that are created in Windows Vista?
    check it out 10/10/07 -- Getting Windows Server 2003 Product Information :How can I easily obtain information about my server, such as product ID, original installation date, build number, server up-time and the protocols that are running on my Windows Server 2003?
    check it out 10/3/07 -- Keeping New Messages Marked 'Unread':Is it possible to keep new messages in my Outlook 2003 inbox marked as "Unread" indefinitely?
    check it out 9/26/07 -- SCOPY Functionality in Windows Server 2003:Where can I find SCOPY in Windows 2003?
    check it out 9/19/07 -- Disabling Computer Trust Password for Workstations in a Domain:How can I disable the computer trust password for our workstations in the domain?
    check it out 9/12/07 -- Custom LDAP Query To Show Locked User Accounts:How can I create a custom LDAP query that will allow me to determine locked user accounts in Windows Server 2003?
    check it out 9/5/07 -- Clearing Mapped Connection History in Windows Explorer:When I map a drive in Explorer, the Folder drop-down box shows a history of previously mapped connections. How can I clear the history?
    check it out 8/22/07 -- Quick Format vs. Regular Format:What's the difference between a quick format and a regular format? I've tried both variations during setup but haven't noticed any difference. Is one preferred over the other?
    check it out 8/8/07 -- Starting Windows Explorer in a Folder of Your Choice:How can I make Windows Explorer always open in a specific folder?
    check it out 8/1/07 -- Disabling Shutdown Event Tracker:How can I disable Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows Server 2003?
    check it out 7/25/07 -- Disabling Write Caching in Windows XP :How do I disable write caching in Windows XP?
    check it out 7/11/07 -- Connecting to Windows Server 2003 Remotely :Why can't some members of our IT staff connect to our Windows Server 2003 domain controller remotely?
    check it out 6/27/07 -- Missing Drive Letter for USB Drives:Why does my new external USB hard drive work fine in Windows 2000/XP but not in Windows Server 2003?
    check it out 6/20/07 -- Stop Windows Messenger From Starting Up:How do I prevent Windows Messenger from starting up each time I log on to Windows XP?
    check it out 5/23/07 -- Start Where You Stopped in a Word-Saved Doc:How can I quickly get to the point where my cursor was when I last saved the document?

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