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1.Windows 2000 Server Certification: A Hands-On Approach
2.Cisco To Offer Electronic Certificates
3.A Look at Command-Line Networking Tools
4.Cisco Adds MxU Specialty Cert
5.About Those U.S. Government Security Clearances...
6.Cisco Drops CCIE Achievement Plaques
7.Keppel Attorney Blasts MS Claim of Losses; Says Client Should Not Face Jail
8.Cisco Changes Written CCIE Requirements for Service Provider
9.Guide To Building a Cisco Home Study Lab, Part II: Equipment Basics
10.CertCities.com’s 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006

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    Microsoft 'Reinvents' Its Cert Program
    4/12/2012 -- Microsoft is changing its certification offerings to directly address the growth of the cloud. full story

    Cisco Announces New Entry-Level Cert for Technicians
    8/23/2011 -- Cisco today announced a new area of certification for "onsite technicians" with a new entry-level certification, the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT). full story

    Cisco, VMware, NetApp in Cloud Security Effort
    2/2/2010 -- Cisco last week teamed up with VMware and NetApp to promote a virtualized datacenter offering geared toward shared or public cloud environments. full story

    Cisco Nearly Tops in Growing DPI Segment
    2/2/2010 -- Cisco trails only Sandvine Inc. in the lucrative, if controversial, deep packet inspection (DPI) market segment. full story

    Cisco Announces Major Changes to CCNP
    1/25/2010 -- Cisco on Monday unveiled a number of changes to the popular Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification. full story

    Analysis: Certifications Not a Security Cure-All
    12/3/2009 -- As Congress debates legislation to improve cybersecurity, one idea that has gained some traction is the development of a national certification program for security professionals. full story

    Volatile Hiring Landscape Means Some Certs Worth More than Others
    11/17/2009 -- Researchers say that shops aren't looking to fill specific jobs as much as they are trying to stock up on specific IT skill sets. full story

    MCITP Titles Get ANSI Stamp
    10/15/2009 -- The American National Standards Institute last week made official the accreditation of two of Microsoft's professional certification titles. full story

    Georgia Tech Moves Unemployed IT Pros into Teaching Jobs
    9/22/2009 -- The College of Computing at Georgia Tech is looking to transform economic lemons into educational lemonade by shifting unemployed technology professionals into teaching careers. full story

    IASA To Launch Professional Certs for Architects
    9/11/2009 -- The Industry Association of Software Architects (IASA) plans to launch a professional certification program at its conference next month. full story

    New MCITP Title for Windows 7
    7/20/2009 -- At last week's Worlwide Partner Conference, Microsoft introduced a new Professional-level certification for Windows 7 that adds a twist to an existing title. full story

    Citrix Adds Virtualization Focus to Certs
    6/18/2009 -- Citrix is expanding its top-level administrator certifications to focus more on virtualization. full story

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