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July 2005
My Top 10 Tips For Preparing and Passing the CISSP Exam
Insights, tips and tricks from a CISSP for putting your best foot forward when you sit this grueling, six-hour security theory exam.
by Tony Bradley
7/20/2005 -- The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium [(ISC)2] is arguably the most sought-after and widely accepted certification in the information security industry full story

February 2005
My Top 10 Study Tips for Microsoft's 70-299 Exam: Implementing Security
Greg covers the key areas you should tackle before taking this MCSA/MCSE: Security exam.
by Greg Neilson
2/9/2005 -- This exam - Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network – is a core exam for both the MCSE: Security and MCSA: Security and an elective for the regular MCSE and MCSA exams. In Certcities.com’s list of 10 Hottest Certifications for 2005, MCSE: Security ranked as the number #2 certification, indicating a great many of us will be planning to take this exam this year. Although your exam preparation should be guided by Microsoft’s preparation guide here are a few of the key areas you’ll need to keep in mind as you prep for this exam. full story

January 2004
My Top 10 Study Tips for Microsoft's 70-296 Exam
Greg Neilson highlights places to concentrate your studies for this Windows 2003 MCSE upgrade exam.
by Greg Neilson
1/21/2004 -- Microsoft's 70-296 exam, "Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSE Certified on Windows 2000," is the second of the two upgrade exams for Windows 2000 MCSEs. You can view my tips for the first exam, 70-292, here. full story

November 2003
My Top 10 Study Tips for Microsoft’s 70-292 Exam
Greg offers his advice for conquering this MCSA/MCSE upgrade exam.
by Greg Neilson
11/19/2003 -- The 70-292 exam serves as the upgrade exam for The 70-292 exam serves as the upgrade exam for Windows 2000 MCSAs to Windows Server 2003. It is also the first of the two required upgrade exams for Windows 2000 MCSEs. I took this exam recently, and like the original MCSA exam, I was impressed by the practical nature of the content tested. Unlike some tests I’ve taken in the past, this is not a route test of memory. You will need to know your stuff if you want avoid disappointment on exam day! Let’s look at some of the areas you’ll want to consider in your exam preparations: full story

May 2003
My Top 10 Study Tips for Cisco's 640-607 CCNA Exam
Our author offers her favorite tips and links for preparing for this popular Cisco exam.
by Karen Robertson-Kidd
5/20/2003 -- Before you rush headlong into the exam, consider these 10 tips to help focus your studies. full story

January 2003
Certification Exam Skills 101: Test Taking Tricks & Tips
Sometimes, knowing how to take a test can be just as important as the material tested. Maximize your score with these techniques from instructor and practice exam author James Michael Stewart.
by James Michael Stewart
1/8/2003 -- I've taken dozens certification exams and written thousands of practice tests for various certification topics. In my experience I've found that knowing how to take tests is often just as important as knowing the material being tested. In this article I share with you some of my personal testing habits as well as time-testing techniques that will hopefully aid you in improving your score on any exam. full story

December 2002
My Top 10 Study Tips for Microsoft's 70-214 Security Exam
This test isn't the hardest security exam on the block, but there are 10 essential areas to make sure you get a grip on
by James Michael Stewart
12/4/2002 -- Microsoft's 70-214: Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network exam is a good measure of your knowledge of installing, configuring and deploying secured systems within a Windows 2000 Active Directory environment. full story

October 2002
My Top 10 Tips for Passing the Citrix NFuse Administration Exam
One NFuse expert shares why he almost failed this exam -- and what you can do to avoid his fate (or worse).
by Elias Khnaser
10/2/2002 -- If you're serious about getting Citrix's Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) title, I strongly recommend that you take the company's NFuse Classic Administration exam (#951) as one of your requirements. As you probably know, NFuse is an application delivery mechanism that "Webifies" applications for access through the Internet using a Web browser. NFuse is probably the most sought after Citrix technology today because of its ease of use: Using NFuse, you can make applications available via the Web without writing a single line of code. As one of the main add-ons to MetaFrame XP, it helps tips the balance in Citrix's favor when selecting between Microsoft's native Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame XP (perhaps this point is debatable for some, but you really can't ignore Citrix when you're thinking about going thin). full story

September 2002
My Top 10 Tips for Passing the CISSP Exam
How exactly should you go about tackling this monster six-hour exam? CISSP James Michael Stewart offers his suggestions.
by James Michael Stewart
9/25/2002 -- The highly respected Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) title is achieved by passing one very broad 250-question, six-hour exam. While I didn't find the exam extremely difficult in terms of content (I consider it a mid-level security exam), it is a challenging test to take. full story

My 10 Tips for Passing MOUS Exams
MOUS Master Faithe Wempen shares her favorite tricks and tips for passing these hands-on Office exams.
by Faithe Wempen
9/4/2002 -- These exams are based on real-world skills, not theory, so you succeed by demonstrating that you have mastered the skills using actual Microsoft Office applications. Here are 10 of the most important tips for making your MOUS testing experience as stress-free as possible. full story

My Top 10 Study Tips for Passing Microsoft's 70-270 Exam
Your guide to the XP extras you need to know when tackling this exam.
by Robert Bogue
9/4/2002 -- While I can't cover everything in this one article, the following study points should give those you with good foundation in Win2K a clear view of what you'll need to know to pass this exam. They should also help if you have a lot of Windows XP experience and want to brush up before taking the plunge. full story

July 2002
My Top 10 Tips for Passing the CIW Security Professional Exam
If you want to pass this Prosoft exam, here's what you need to know (Hint: TCP/IP, TCP/IP and more TCP/IP!).
by James Michael Stewart
7/31/2002 -- ProsoftTraining.com's Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Security Professional exam is for IT professionals who have proficiencies in network administration and want to expand their professional credentials to include security. full story

June 2002
Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting PC Problems
New to PC support? Here's 10 tips and tricks everyone needs when they get started helping end users.
by Faithe Wempen
6/19/2002 -- A while back, I wrote the article "Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting Hardware Problems" for CertCities.com. This got me thinking about my early days of troubleshooting. If you're just starting out in the trenches of end-user desktop support, you'll soon find out (as I did) that the same problems tend to to crop up again and again, regardless of the user, the model of PC, or the operating system version. The following list of tips are ones that I wish someone had told me upfront when I began working on PCs many years ago! full story

April 2002
My Top 10 Tips for Understanding Java's Object-Oriented Characteristics
If you want to get certified as a Java programmer, this is the first concept you'll need under your belt. The following 10 tips should help you get there.
by Christine Connolly
4/24/2002 -- So you want to be a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), but your background is in procedural languages, such as Cobol, C or Fortran. Or maybe you've worked with object oriented (OO) languages before, such as C++, and you just need to know how the OO features are implemented in Java. No matter what language you're coming from, understanding Java's OO characteristics is going to be key to your success on this exam -- and with the program itself. full story

My Top 10 Tips for Passing 70-218: Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment Exam
Tips and tricks that will help you pass the one exam unique to Microsoft's MCSA title.
by Robert Bogue
4/17/2002 -- When Microsoft announced its Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification, it also announced a new exam. The 70-218 exam, Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment, was designed to challenge the administrator on the things that they would need to know to maintain a network. Here are my top 10 tips for tackling this exam successfully. full story

Top 10 Tips for Passing the Citrix Certified Administrator for MetaFrame XP Exam
Ron Oglesby shares 10 things you can do to help ensure you pass this latest CCA exam.
by Ron Oglesby
4/10/2002 -- This exam is a 40 question, non-adaptive test. In order to pass you must score a 72 or higher. This equates to about 29 correct answers. To this end, here are my top 10 tips that will help make your trip to the testing center a successful one. full story

February 2002
So You've Just Been Laid Off: 10 Tips for Landing Your Next IT Job
Human-resource pros and IT survivors to share their advice for getting back in the game.
by Adam Stone
2/4/2002 -- While some areas of IT have been hit harder than others, there are jobs out there. We canvassed HR experts who specialize in IT issues, as well as downsized tech folks with firsthand experience of the current job market. Here are their top 10 tips for restarting your high-tech career. full story

January 2002
My Top 10 Tips for Passing the Server+ Exam
Server+ exam preparation author and regular CertCities.com contributor Robert Bogue shares his insight on the what you need to know to pass this CompTIA exam.
by Robert Bogue
1/21/2002 -- Whether you're looking at Server+ as a stepping stone into another program or as a standalone achievement, there's a lot you'll need to cover to pass this exam. In a lot of ways, Server+ title is the big brother of A+: Everything that A+ challenges you on, for the most part, you'll get on the Server+, since it is so hardware-centric. full story

November 2001
Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting Hardware Problems
Faithe Wempen counts down her 10 favorite hardware troubleshooting tips for PC technicians.
by Faithe Wempen
11/13/2001 -- If you've been in the trenches of end-user support, you know that the same problems seem to crop up again and again, regardless of the user or the model of PC. This article details some of the most useful tricks I've learned for troubleshooting hardware problems. full story

May 2001
My Top 10 Study Tips for Passing the Designing Security Exam (70-220)
Ready to start studying for the Win2K Security Design exam, but not sure where to focus your efforts? Hinne Hettema offers his top tips for getting a realistic grip the material covered.
by Hinne Hettema
5/16/2001 -- The Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network exam is one of the three design cores in the Win2K track. To become a 2000 MCSE, you need to pass at least one of these design cores. These exams are considerably different (and many think considerably more difficult) than the "normal" MCSE test. Following is a list of 10 study tips that I think will help you pass this challenging exam.

full story

My Top Top 10 Study Tips for the Designing a Win2K Directory Services Exam (70-219)
Greg Neilson walks you through the major study points for this MCSE Win2K exam.
by Greg Neilson
5/16/2001 -- This exam is an elective for the Windows 2000 MCSE stream and tests your knowledge of Active Directory design concepts in applying them to specific design scenarios. In this exam you won't get the same detailed technical treatment as you would during the Win2K MCSE core exams, but at the same time this isn't an exam you can fake it through. In order to pass you will need a good knowledge of AD design concepts and be able to apply them to the situations presented. Here is my list of top 10 tips for this exam:

full story

February 2001
Top 10 Tips for Passing the Windows 2000 Accelerated Upgrade Exam
Greg Neilson offers his tips for surviving the "mother" of all Win2K exams.
by Greg Neilson
2/26/2001 -- This is the mother of them all: Microsoft's four-hour Windows 2000 Accelerated Exam for MCPs Certified on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (70-240). It's the simplest way to upgrade your MCSE to Windows 2000. By passing this free exam, it exempts you from the four core Win2K exams -- 70-210, 70-215, 70-216 and 70-217. However, this doesn't mean you don't need to master the material from these exams since this upgrade exam is based on the same objectives. full story

January 2001
10 Tips for the Oracle 8i Upgrade Exam
Expert insights for a test that truly tests your knowledge of 8i's many new features.
by Damir Bersinic
1/3/2001 -- In this article I'll provide some insight into things that you can do and know to have a greater chance of passing the Oracle 8i: New Features for Administrators exam. While I can't tell you what the questions are (the non-disclosure agreement that Oracle has everyone agree to prevents me from doing this), it is possible for me to provide hints and insights into what may make you more successful. full story

December 2000
My 10 Favorite Tips for Increasing Windows 2000 Terminal Server Performance
Get your registry editor ready and open up Win2K Group Policy! Here's 10 things you can do right now to boost your server performance.
by Ron Oglesby
12/18/2000 -- Whether you are new to Microsoft's Windows 2000 Terminal Services or have been around since the idea began with Citrix Systems' Winframe, we are all looking for the same thing: ways to make our servers hummmm. To achieve this is not easy. And to get that extra performance out of your servers is even tougher. Those of us who have been around these multi-user machines for a while know that there are a ton of tricks to help move you into application hosting nirvana. So I am here to let 10 of the technical cats out of the bag, so to speak. These are not unknown tips, and they are by no means the only changes you can make to increase performance, but they are 10 of my favorites. full story

October 2000
Top 10 Tips for Passing the A+ Exams
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article offers tips for the A+ exams based on the 1998 objectives; which retired on March 30, 2001. For a review of the new exams, click here.
by Faithe Wempen
10/7/2000 -- Even if you're an experienced PC technician with many years of service under your belt, you might be in for some surprises when you take CompTIA's A+ certification exams. Faithe Wempen, author of over 50 technical books, gives you the inside scoop. full story

Move Seamlessly from One Processor to Many
How do you get Windows NT 4.0 to recognize your second processor if it won't even boot up?
by Douglas Dickerson
10/1/2000 -- There are cost benefits of adding processors vs. adding servers but -- as this systems admin in the trenches has found -- upgrading a server's multiprocessor support using the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit's uptomp.exe utility isn't always a simple process. full story

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