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...Home ... Certifications ... Microsoft Office Specialist ... Columns ..Column Listing Thursday: April 24, 2014

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5.Cisco Allows CCIE Written for Recertifying CCNA, CCNP, Others
6.Cisco Retires CCIE Design Exam; Issues New Policies for Lab Retakes
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Microsoft Office Specialist Columns

MOUS Matters by Gini Courter and Annette Marquis
check it out 7/24/2002 -- Changing Your Point of View: Using options, filters and even a little SQL for a truly customized Outlook experience.
check it out 2/4/2002 -- Merging into the Fast Lane: Gini and Annette walk you through the mail merge skills you'll need to pass the Word 2000 and 97 expert exams.
check it out 11/14/2001 -- Workgroup Features for Word Expert Exams: Gini and Annette walk you through what you need to know -- and what you can practice on your own -- to pass the collaboration section of these exams.
check it out 10/10/2001 -- Getting a Firm Grip on Pivot Tables: Annette and Gini walk you though this powerful yet seldom-used Excel feature -- one you WILL encounter on the MOUS Excel Expert exam.
check it out 7/24/2001 -- To XP or Not To XP?: That's the question, at least when it comes to upgrading. Office experts Gini and Annette take a look at what the new suite does (and doesn't) have to offer.


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