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News: Oracle Unveils 10g Certifications; Reduces OCP DBA To Two Exams
6/21/2004 -- This weekend Oracle unveiled its 10g track of database certifications, featuring a significant reduction in the number of exams required to earn the track's credentials. full story
Feature: Questions Types 101: How Many Ways Can You Ask the Same Thing?
8/15/2003 -- When you prepare for a certification exam, it goes without saying that you should know the material you'll be tested on inside and out. In addition, though, you should also know how you'll be tested. Knowing the style of questions that will be presented can help you be in the proper frame of mind to avoid getting flustered and increase your odds of passing the exam. full story

 Certification Advisor   Greg Neilson
Greg Neilson
 Exit Strategy
When the need for a particular technology cools down, when exactly should you leave it behind?
by Greg Neilson
The juxtaposition of a couple of Novell stories recently -- more layoffs and the rumors that further development in NetWare may be suspended -- highlight the decisions that those of us working in the IT field must make in determining which technologies to concentrate on, and when. Of course, NetWare has been in decline for a number of years, and many have already left the fold for greener pastures, but for those who still primarily work with this technology, they need to make a decision on where to head next.

Now, I've been accused before of being a Novell-hater, but I have to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. As the holder of the Master CNE certification, it certainly would be in my interests for NetWare to continue to prosper. full story

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