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...Home ... Certifications ... Microsoft ... Exam Reviews ..Exam Reviews Friday: April 18, 2014

Most Popular
1.A Look at Command-Line Networking Tools
2.A+ Exams: 20 Potential 'Gotchas' To Watch Out For
3.Clearing Mapped Connection History in Windows Explorer
4.Cisco Adds MxU Specialty Cert
5.Unix for NT Admins, Part III: Users and Groups
6.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA Exam (Whizlabs, set 1)
7.CompTIA Continuing-Ed Deadline Nears
8.Security+, Now with Performance-Based Questions
9.Introductory Database Access with PHP
10.The NetWare 6.5 Exam: The First Step To Novell Certification

Exam Reviews

Get an inside look at the most popular exams from those who've gone before. If you've already taken one of the exams below, open the article and scroll down to add your two cents to the CertCities comments!

Exam Difficulty Rating Key
5 stars - true gurus onlytrue gurus only
4 stars - very difficultvery difficult
3 stars - difficult, but manageabledifficult, but manageable
2 stars - somewhat challegingsomewhat challeging
1 star - cakewalkcakewalk
70-623: A Vista Exam for Consumer Support Techs
What's the difference between a retail and business installation of Vista? If you don't know, you're not ready to take this new-generation MCP exam for Vista.
By Andy Barkl
(10/14/07) full story

MCDST Exam #70-272: Application Support Challenge
This Microsoft exam tests your work with XP installations, gaining access to resources, hardware, the desktop and user environments and network protocols and services.
By Andy Barkl
(5/19/04) full story

MCDST Exam 70-271: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting XP
This exam tests your work with XP installations, gaining access to resources, hardware, the desktop and user environments and network protocols and services.
By Andy Barkl
(4/21/04) full story

Becoming a Citrix Administrator: The New CCA Exam (#222)
If you know Windows technologies and you have test-taking experience, this MetaFrame exam won’t be a huge reach.
By Don Jones
(3/31/04) full story

70-291: Underpinnings of a Windows 2003 Network
This Microsoft exam requires you to show expertise with TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, RRAS and ISA Server-as well as a few services not mentioned on the objectives list.
By Andy Barkl
(10/8/03) full story

Microsoft Exam #70-290: Under New Management
Been through exam #70-218? If so, then this exam covers a familiar mix of security, permissions and backup topics, with a heaping scoop of Windows 2003-specific features thrown in.
By Andy Barkl
(8/27/03) full story

Making Your Mark on Check Point's CCSA Exam
Licensing, NAT and acronyms abound on Check Point's challenging but straightforward Certified Security Administrator NG exam.
By Don Jones
(7/30/03) full story

Microsoft's 70-214 Exam: Security Workhorse
This new Microsoft exam, scheduled to be released shortly, measures your abilities with baseline security, service packs and updates, securing communication channels, authentication and more.
By Roberta Bragg
(1/8/03) full story

Component Complexities: Microsoft Exam #70-320
Proving your expertise with XML and server components will get you through this Web services exam for .NET developers.
By Chris Golubski
(8/14/02) full story

Generation Gap: MS Exam 70-306, Visual Studio.NET
With the new development tools, Microsoft is definitely proclaiming a challenge for developer certification with this exam.
By Chris Golubski
(6/12/02) full story

70-218: Practical Management
This core exam for Microsoft's MCSA certification runs broad rather than deep on many of the concepts you need to understand to administer Windows 2000.
By Michael Chacon
(4/30/02) full story

Getting Down to BizTalk
The world of EAI awaits you. Just enter the realm of HIPAA, RosettaNet, UDDI and document exchange, then prove yourself with this new exam.
By Larry Cooper
(3/6/02) full story

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