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...Home ... Certifications ... Microsoft ... Columns ..Column Listing Saturday: April 19, 2014

Most Popular
1.The NetWare 6.5 Exam: The First Step To Novell Certification
2.Cisco Adds MxU Specialty Cert
3.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA Exam (Whizlabs, set 1)
4.Get Your Hands-On Linux: Novell's CLP Exam
5.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA (MeasureUp, set 2)
6.IBM Exam #141: XML and Related Technologies
7.Cisco’s IPS Exam (#642-532): Get Your Network Secure
8.Cisco Announces Recertification Policy for CCNAs, CCNPs, More
9.Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Exam
10.Windows 2000 Server Certification: A Hands-On Approach

Microsoft Columns

Microsoft: Under the Hood by Don Jones
check it out 11/17/2004 -- Away, Foul Wires!: Don looks at the current wireless standards and what we might see in the future.
check it out 10/13/2004 -- GPO Policies and Preferences: Be wary of a quirk in Microsoft's default template settings that may lead you to think your preferences aren't there.
check it out 8/4/2004 -- Imaginary Servers: Don Jones on using products like Microsoft Virtual Server and GSX Server to take your network beyond the physical.
check it out 5/26/2004 -- Finding Idle Users: A domain security script for pre-Windows Server 2003 domains.
check it out 3/17/2004 -- Safer Scripting for Everyone: Don shows you how scripting with Windows Script Host and VBScript can be made safe and controllable.
check it out 1/28/2004 -- Finally, Event Log Management!: Don takes an early look at Microsoft's Audit Collection System and how it might even get you to pay attention to your security event logs.
check it out 12/9/2003 -- Protecting Exchange Servers: Don shares how to use ISA as a reverse proxy server and other tips.
check it out 10/15/2003 -- Why You Should Care About IIS 6: IIS 6 may seem similar to 5 on the surface, but it's what's underneath that makes this upgrade so important.
check it out 8/27/2003 -- Revising Data Security: Don explores how data access security has changed, and what operating systems like Windows need to do to keep up.
check it out 7/16/2003 -- Get Your Bits… As Slow as You Like: Inside one of the most underappreciated features of Windows Server 2003.
check it out 6/11/2003 -- Remote Exchange 2003: Do your users want true, full, secure remote access to Exchange? While current solutions may lack, Don says there's definite promise with Exchange Server 2003.
check it out 4/30/2003 -- Stupid DNS Tricks: You learn something new every day -- such as why one company's DNS queries quit working when Yahoo! added a new server to their site. This one stumped me: See if you can figure it out!


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