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...Home ... Certifications ... CompTIA ... Tips ..CompTIA Tips Thursday: April 24, 2014

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June 2002
Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting PC Problems
New to PC support? Here's 10 tips and tricks everyone needs when they get started helping end users.
by Faithe Wempen
6/19/2002 -- A while back, I wrote the article "Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting Hardware Problems" for CertCities.com. This got me thinking about my early days of troubleshooting. If you're just starting out in the trenches of end-user desktop support, you'll soon find out (as I did) that the same problems tend to to crop up again and again, regardless of the user, the model of PC, or the operating system version. The following list of tips are ones that I wish someone had told me upfront when I began working on PCs many years ago! full story

January 2002
My Top 10 Tips for Passing the Server+ Exam
Server+ exam preparation author and regular CertCities.com contributor Robert Bogue shares his insight on the what you need to know to pass this CompTIA exam.
by Robert Bogue
1/21/2002 -- Whether you're looking at Server+ as a stepping stone into another program or as a standalone achievement, there's a lot you'll need to cover to pass this exam. In a lot of ways, Server+ title is the big brother of A+: Everything that A+ challenges you on, for the most part, you'll get on the Server+, since it is so hardware-centric. full story

November 2001
Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting Hardware Problems
Faithe Wempen counts down her 10 favorite hardware troubleshooting tips for PC technicians.
by Faithe Wempen
11/13/2001 -- If you've been in the trenches of end-user support, you know that the same problems seem to crop up again and again, regardless of the user or the model of PC. This article details some of the most useful tricks I've learned for troubleshooting hardware problems. full story

October 2000
Top 10 Tips for Passing the A+ Exams
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article offers tips for the A+ exams based on the 1998 objectives; which retired on March 30, 2001. For a review of the new exams, click here.
by Faithe Wempen
10/7/2000 -- Even if you're an experienced PC technician with many years of service under your belt, you might be in for some surprises when you take CompTIA's A+ certification exams. Faithe Wempen, author of over 50 technical books, gives you the inside scoop. full story

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