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...Home ... Certifications ... CompTIA ... Exam Reviews ..Exam Reviews Tuesday: April 15, 2014

Most Popular
1.Windows 2000 Server Certification: A Hands-On Approach
2.A Look at Command-Line Networking Tools
3.About Those U.S. Government Security Clearances...
4.Cranking It Up Again: 10 Gigabit Ethernet Arrives
5.Data Protection 102: IPsec Implementation
6.A Better Way To Manage DNS
7.SONET Architecture 101: A Tutorial for Datacommers
8.Guide To Building a Cisco Home Study Lab, Part II: Equipment Basics
9.Clearing Mapped Connection History in Windows Explorer
10.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA (MeasureUp, set 2)

Exam Reviews

Get an inside look at the most popular exams from those who've gone before. If you've already taken one of the exams below, open the article and scroll down to add your two cents to the CertCities comments!

Exam Difficulty Rating Key
5 stars - true gurus onlytrue gurus only
4 stars - very difficultvery difficult
3 stars - difficult, but manageabledifficult, but manageable
2 stars - somewhat challegingsomewhat challeging
1 star - cakewalkcakewalk
Conquering Network+
CompTIA's Network+ remains the stalwart of entry-level networking certifications, and according to our reviewer rightly so.
By Emmett Dulaney
(3/29/06) full story

The New Network+
CompTIA’s newest version of its Network+ exam tests your knowledge of the OSI model, media types, IP addressing, IEEE standards, remote access, wireless networks and more.
By Andy Barkl
(5/25/05) full story

The New 2003 A+ Exams
Think the A+ exams haven't changed much in their latest revision? Think again!
By Faithe Wempen
(12/17/03) full story

Security+: Get with the Basics
This exam isn't designed to have much depth, but it does cover a wide range of security topics relevant to networking professionals.
By Andy Barkl
(11/6/02) full story

Get Smart!
Our reviewer shares how he failed CompTIA's IT Project+ exam, and how you can avoid the same fate.
By Bob Potemski
(1/8/02) full story

Network+: The New Net Essentials?
According to our reviewer, CompTIA gets everything right with its upcoming revision of Network+. Here's what you need to know to pass this fair, objective exam.
By Richard Shanks
(10/23/01) full story

Linux+ Some Other Stuff
CompTIA has thrown its hat into the Linux certification arena with its newest exam, Linux+, which goes live in September. Here's your chance to get an idea of what you're up against before you charge into battle.
By Richard Shanks
(8/29/01) full story

Serving Up Server+
Can someone with server experience just walk in and pass this new CompTIA exam? Kevin Kohut finds out.
By Kevin Kohut
(4/6/01) full story

The New A+ Exams
While the objectives have been updated, much of what you need to know to pass these exams remains the same.
By Faithe Wempen
(3/12/01) full story

An Inside Look at i-Net+
What aspiring Internet professionals need to know to achieve this entry-level CompTIA certification.
By Bob Potemski
(10/31/00) full story

Network+: It's in the (Relevant) Details
CompTIA's product-neutral Network+ exam will test your practical networking knowledge.
By Greg Neilson
(10/6/00) full story

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