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...Home ... Certifications ... CompTIA ... Columns ..CompTIA Columns Thursday: April 17, 2014

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1.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA (MeasureUp, set 2)
2.My Top 10 Study Tips for Cisco's 640-607 CCNA Exam
3.Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Exam
4.Microsoft Exam #70-215: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows 2000 Server
5.Cisco Exam #640-801: CCNA Exam (Whizlabs, set 1)
6.Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate Exam
7.Windows 2000 Server Certification: A Hands-On Approach
8.Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting PC Problems
9.The NetWare 6.5 Exam: The First Step To Novell Certification
10.Top 10 Tips for Troubleshooting Hardware Problems

CompTIA Columns

On the Plus Side by Jeff Durham
check it out 6/16/2004 -- Running the Numbers: Jeff takes a closer look at the results of CompTIA-sponsored survey and wonders if it really all adds up.
check it out 3/10/2004 -- Why Have We Grown So Far Apart? : In his first column for 2004, Jeff ponders his changing relationship with CompTIA certification over the past year.
check it out 10/1/2003 -- Mark Your Calendars!: Nov. 26 is the day the new A+ exams will be released, raising a whole new set of questions for our columnist.
check it out 8/15/2003 -- No More Adaptive A+: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Jeff explains why he thinks CompTIA's recent switch back to linear format may actually make things worse for candidates.
check it out 7/30/2003 -- Time for a New Testing Paradigm: Should traditional methods for proctoring CompTIA exams go the way of the steam engine?
check it out 6/11/2003 -- In Plus We Trust: Jeff's close encounter with a CompTIA certification that doesn't exist and a candidate who didn't let that stop him.
check it out 3/19/2003 -- The Underappreciated i-Net+ Exam : Why this CompTIA title deserves way more respect, even if it is overpriced.
check it out 1/8/2003 -- Make the A+ Exams Open Book…: Jeff offers this and other suggestions for improving CompTIA's flagship hardware certification.
check it out 10/9/2002 -- Security+: A Quick Overview: CompTIA answers the demand for security certs with -- what else? -- a low-level, vendor-neutral title. Here's an overview of this soon-to-debut cert, plus 10 practice questions to get you started.
check it out 7/24/2002 -- Home Technology Integrator+ : Is this new CompTIA certification really for you?
check it out 5/6/2002 -- MCSA and the CompTIA Certs: In addition to their status in the IT community as entry-level certifications, CompTIA's A+, Network+ and Server+ certifications can now be a big step toward becoming an MCSA.
check it out 3/6/2002 -- What to Expect on the New Network+ : Here's your by-the-objectives guide to the new version of this exam.
check it out 1/7/2002 -- CompTIA's e-Biz+: Changing skills for changing times.
check it out 11/7/2001 -- A Look at Linux+: What you need to know about this new, entry-level Linux certification from CompTIA.
check it out 8/28/2001 -- The A+ OS Technologies Exam: Under the Hood: Since the A+ Operating System Technologies exam was updated earlier this year, those of you who don't know Windows 2000 will have some studying to do.
check it out 7/10/2001 -- A+ Core Hardware Exam: Under the Hood : Think you know hardware like the back of your hand? Think you know what to expect on the CompTIA A+ hardware test? Think again.
check it out 5/9/2001 -- Undercover Webmasters Unite!: Been thrown into the Web server administrator job over the years but have nothing to show for it? CompTIA's i-Net+ may be just what you need to prove you're more than a network admin.
check it out 11/19/2000 -- Behind the Scenes with Server+ : How 25 techies and LOTS of coffee built the 600 questions behind CompTIA’s newest certification.


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